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A Rating Scale for Drug-Induced Akathisia

British Journal of Psychiatry (1989), 154,672â€"676 Akathisiais probably the commonest and one of the more distressing of the movement disorders associated with antipsychotic drugs (Lancet, 1986; Barnes, 1987).

Neuropsychological Assessment of Dementia*

In the usual case, the de-mentiasyndromeis characterized by prominent amnesia with additional deficits in language and 258 Salmon · Bondi Annu. Rev. Psychol. 2009.60:257-282.

Annu. Rev. Psychol. 2007.58:515-541

Diversity: a characteristic of social grouping that reflects the degree to which objective or subjective differences exist between group members Contents WORK GROUP DIVERSITY..... 516 WORK GROUP DIVERSITY: AN INTRODUCTION IN BROAD STROKES ..... 517 CONCEPTUALIZING DIVERSITY ...


216 | DECEMBER 2000 | VOLUME 1 www.nature.com/reviews/neuro PERSPECTIVES J. Comp. Physiol. Psychol . 71 , 267-275 (1970). 18. Lewis, D. J., Misanin, J. R. & Miller, R. R.

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A Comprehensive Review of the Placebo Effect: Recent Advances and Current Thought Annu. Rev. Psychol. 2008.59:565-590

Life Span DeveLopmentaL pSychoL

Excelsior College® Examinations Use this guide if you are planning to test between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012. If you are planning to test on or after October 1, 2012, you should also obtain the


Annu. Rev. Psychol. 2001.52:1-26 Copyrightc 2001 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved S OCIAL C OGNITIVE T HEORY : An Agentic Perspective Albert Bandura Department of Psychology, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305-2131; e-mail: bandura@psych.stanford.edu Key Words biosocial ...

Imitation, Empathy, and Mirror Neurons

Psychol. 56:207-34 Ferrari PF, Gallese V, Rizzolatti G, Fogassi L. 2003. Mirror neurons responding to the observation of ingestive and communicative mouth actions in the monkey ventralpremotor cortex.

Annu. Rev. Psychol. 2005.56:1-23

Annu. Rev. Psychol. 2005.56:1-23 doi: 10.1146/annurev. psych.56.091103.070239 Copyrightc 2005 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved First publishedonline asa Review in Advance on June 10,2004 I N S EARCH OF M EMORY T RACES RichardF.

Dr Fiona J Scott BSc (Hons) PhD C.Psychol Chartered Psychologist

Dr Fiona J Scott BSc (Hons) PhD C.Psychol Chartered Psychologist SPECIALIST CONSULTANCY & PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FOR AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS & ASPERGER SYNDROME Chartered Psychologist no. 38987 Brief CV - Dr Fiona Scott Chartered Psychologist at the Autism Research Centre, University of ...