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Mixed-Integer Quadrangulation

Mixed-Integer Quadrangulation David Bommes Henrik Zimmer Leif Kobbelt RWTHAachen University (a) (b) (c) (d) Figure1: Quadrangulation example: (a) A sparse set of conservatively estimated orientation and/or alignment constraints is selected on the input mesh by some simple heuristic orby the user.

Spectral Quadrangulation with Orientation and Alignment Control

Spectral Quadrangulation with Orientation and Alignment Control Jin Huan g † Muyang Zhang Jin Ma Xinguo Li u †Leif Kobbelt Hujun Ba o † State KeyLab. of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University RWTHAachen University (a) (b) (c) (d) Figure1: Quadrangulation on Rockarmmodel.

Converting Triangulations To Grids: (AProposal)

To form such a quadrangulation, we may first seek a coarse triangulation with the same connectivity as the surface. We then convert this coarse triangulation to a quadrangulation. 1

Feature-aligned T-meshes

The resulting surface can be either used directly (if the original mesh is well ap-proximatedbya piecewise-smooth surface), or used as the base for a displaced surface. 2 Related work The literature on parameterization, quadrangulation and conversion to high-order surfaces is quite extensive, and we ...

The continuous limit of large random planar maps

p = 4: quadrangulation Rooted map: distinguished oriented edge A rooted quadrangulation Jean-François Le Gall (Université Paris-Sud) The continuous limit of random planar maps ECM08 2 / 45

4-8 Subdivision Surfaces

The Laves Tilings 4 8 8-Prototile: Right Triangle-Regular Valences: 4 and 8 * Simplest tiling that supports regular, non-uniform refinement OBS: Triangulated Quadrangulation 8

Geometric realization of a projective triangulation with one ...

Then Giscontractible to K 6 if and only if Gdoes not contain a K 4-quadrangulation. Throughout the proof, we use Menger'sTheorem many times, which is well-known in graph theory and states that fora graph Ganditstwo disjoint vertex-sets A,Bwithcardinalityk, there arekdisjoint paths joiningAandB, unless ...

Denis Kovacs

Anisotropic Harmonic Quadrangulation Poster Presentation at Symposium on Geometry Processing 2009 Real-Time Creased Approximate Subdivision Surfaces


The multiprism methodological approach of “quadrangulation” serves to “box” in past safety, efficacy, regulatory, and legal problems.

Dr. Fatma Betul Atalay , Assistant Professor Computational ...

Our goal is to generate a quadrangulation where all quadrilaterals are strictly convex and has all angles larger than some constant—that is, the minimum angle is bounded.