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Become a quitter

Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you will ever do.

Resolve to be a "quitter for life"

Resolve to be a "quitter for life" If you smoke—or someone you know smokes—please read this important information about becoming a "quitter for life."

Quitters, Campers, and Climbers

Do you see yourself as a quitter, a camper, ora climber? Can you point to a time or event in your past where you stopped being a climber and becameaquitter ora camper?


CHIROPRACTOR MONTHLY 7 A LIFELONG COMMITMENT TO OPTIMUM HEALTH 57th St. Chiropractic, NY City, "The nervous system is the master system that controls everything else.

November 2008 FMLA and ADA

Quitter’s Remorse”: FMLA and ADA Implications when an Employee Reneges on a Resignation By Jeffrey R. Townsend Employers are generally aware of protections afforded to employees under FMLA and ADA regulations.

Theme: A quitter never wins…a winner never quits. What goes ...

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Re: "It's Great to Be a Quitter!" Smoking Cessation Seminar ...

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INSIDE INSIGHT - 8 He’s no quitter

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EVERYBODY LOVES A QUITTER. You can quit smoking too. Talk to your doctor or call 311 and we'll help you do it. "He's a quitter, and I think that's sexy."

You Can't Quit Fitter than a QuitFit Quitter'

2 Executive Summary 1. Introduction Despite the fact that smoking is recognised as the most preventable cause of ill-health and premature death, in Scotland every year there are more than 13,000 smoking related deaths (Callum 1998).