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Qwest Corporation S ERVICES C ATALOG N O.1

notice the information contained in this document is subject to change. qwest corporation services catalog no. 1 exchange and iowa section 2

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Copyright © 2008 Qwest. All Rights Reserved. 9/08 QuickCall Gadget ∞ Go to your Hotmail contacts list, and add a new contact. Make sure to include a 10-digit phone number. ∞ Return to the qHome tab, and refresh the QuickCall gadget.

assistance programs

Telephone assistance programs available at Qwest ® for Arizona customers In order to make telephone service more affordable for low-income households, Qwest supports the Lifeline and the Link-Up telephone assistance programs.


QWEST WEB CONFERENCING Use this as a guide for your voice and web meetings Copyright © 2009 Qwest. All Rights Reserved. Not to be distributed or reproduced by anyone other than Qwest entities.

Qwest Circuit Switched Data Services (CSDS) provides Agencies ...

Networx Universal 4.1.2 Circuit Switched Data Services - 211 GS00T07NSD0002 July 28, 2009 Data contained on this page is subject to the restrictions on the title page of this contract. 4.1.2 CIRCUIT SWITCHED DATA SERVICES (L.34.1.4) Qwest Circuit Switched Data Services (CSDS) provides Agencies ...

DISCOUNT COUPON for Telephone Services

DPHHS-HCS-415 (REV 01/2009) DISCOUNT COUPON for Telephone Services If you are an adult, receive Medicaid services and have your own phone, you may qualify for a discount on your local telephone service.

Qwest Communications Company, LLC

Qwest Communications Company, LLC Illinois Tariff No. 3 Local Exchange Services Section 4 Original Sheet 1 4. C ONTRACTUAL S ERVICE A GREEMENTS 4.1 QWEST TOTAL ADVANTAGE A. General Description As applied in this Tariff, QWEST TOTAL ADVANTAGE is asuite of intraexchange business communications ...


qwest corporation access service tariff f.c.c. no. 2 description and justification special construction

Qwest Control

Qwest Control Puts YOU in control 24/7 Qwest Control ® is a free, self-service Web portal that makes it easier for you to do business with Qwest ® by providing you with the critical tools necessary to manage your Qwest products at any time and from anywhere.

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How. do I begin using Message Manager? Once your order for Message Manager has completed, you can access your voice mail me. ssages, calls and contacts at www.qwest.com/mymessagema