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Qur'anic Du'as with 'Rabbana'

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious,the Most Merciful Chapter 5 TEXT or e-mail to 07737 566 010 ahsanul22@googlemail.com & request a electronic copy Qur'anic Du'as with 'Rabbana' Dua from the Holy Qur'an begins with "Rabbana" can be recited during Saalah or at any time Collected by Ahsanul ...


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kaddish de rabbanan O

ןֵמָא : *רְמִאְו , אָמְלָעְבּ ןרָיִמֲאּדַ da- a -mi-ran' b e -ol-ma', v e -im-ru' : A-men'. that are spoken in world , and say : amen ןוֹהידֵיִמְלַתּ לַעְו , ןָנָבּרַ לַעְו ...

FIQH - Student Notes for Class 10

ALLAHU AKBER After the completion of the prayer recite: RABBANA AATINA FID-DUNYA HASANATANW WA FIL-AKHIRATI HASANATANW WAQINA AZABAN-NAAR. The Takbirs must be said in a consecutive order without an interval may which distort the form of the prayer (Tarteeb).

A Complete Duaa

A Complete Du'a by AmatulWadood Bismillah How many times have we heard this duaa: Rabbana aatina fid-dunya hasanah, wa fil-akhirati hasanah, wa qinaa athaban naar .

A selection of

Rabbana la tajAAalna fitnatan lillatheena kafaroo waighfir lana rabbana innaka anta alAAazeezu alhakeemu "Our Lord! Make us not a (test and) trial for the disbelievers, but forgive us, our Lord!

The Meanings of the Salat (Prayer)

Check Quranexplorer.com for translations and recitation. Check Sacredlearning.org for MP3 lectures on meanings, salat, Ramadan, etc., by Shaykh Husein abdul Sattar The Meanings of the Salat (Prayer) It is vital to keep the meaning of the Salat in mind while praying.


2 Thee to intercede on my behalf And I entreat Thee by Thy benevolence to draw me nearer to Thee And grant me that I should be grateful to Thee and inspire me to remember and to invoke Thee O Allah!


SHORT POWERFUL DUAS www.Duas.org Dua Jam'e (complete & concise) This is a complete & concise dua to be repeatedly recited for any need. "Bismillahir rahmanir rahim Alhamdo lillahii ala kulle ne'matay,wa astaghfirullaha min kullay zambin,wa asaluha min kulle khair,wa auzu billahi min kulle sharr ...

Summary of Salat: Step by Step

Wa Lam Yakul-Lahoo Kufwan Ahad 15) Raise your hands so that you look at them and say: Rabbana Aatina Fiddunya Hasanah, wa Fil Aakheeraty Hasanah wa Qeena Athaaban-Naar, Allahumma Sally 'Ala Muhammadin wa Aaly Muhammad 16) Go to Ruku (Bow down) and say: Subhana Rabbiyal-Adheemy wa Behamdeh 17) Get up ...