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Microsoft Word - VIRGINIA'S NEW YEAR MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE GAME - 2011 100(11) 26October11.doc

Application for a Raffles License

A license is requested to conduct raffles of the kind stated on the date, or on each of the dates, and during the hours listed (use a separate application for each type of raffle).

Frequently Asked Questions Raffles

Frequently Asked Questions Raffles Unlicensed Raffle questions: Who can offer a raffle? Only a bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization can offer a raffle.

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$1,000,000 171464 173042 $20,000 015490 048550 058373 125673 132633 159413 162491 240543 258116 262532 300433 301460 328835 356296 383270 397824 416136 420059 456385 495440


CALIFORNIA CODE OF REGULATIONS TITLE 11, DIVISION 1, CHAPTER 4.6. NON-PROFIT RAFFLE PROGRAM REGULATIONS § 410. Title and Scope. This chapter shall be known as the Department of Justice Regulations for the Non-Profit Raffle Program.

Raffles May be Legal for Associations

Raffles May be Legal for Associations What is a Raffle? • A raffle is a type of lottery in which prizes are awarded to people who pay for a chance to win.

Legal Requirements for Raffles in Wis

Unofficial reprint from Chapter 563, Wisconsin Statutes, based on 1991 Wis. Act 269. 563.03 Definitions. In this chapter: (4e) "Calendar" means a tabular register of days covering not less than one nor more than 12 calendar months that is used or intended to be used for a calendar raffle.

Fundraising Raffle in support of

HOUSE RAFFLE RULES & RESTRICTIONS for the 2011 House Raffle conducted by Desert Academy 1. Desert Academy is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization organized under the laws of the state of New Mexico founded in 1994.

Win a 1957 Corvette Convertible! - Dra Win G Hel D: a Pril 21 ...

$25.00 x # of tickets _____ 5 tickets for $100 _____ Phone Orders, Checks, Visa, and MasterCard Accepted All orders, by mail or phone, must be received by 12:00 Noon on April 21 for the drawing.


The procedures for drawing winning numbers for the MILLIONAIRE BONUS RAFFLE as described in this document, have been reviewed and approved for use beginning MARCH 28, 2011.