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FM 7-8 Personnel status at the conclusion of the patrol mission, including the disposition of casualties. Conclusions or recommendations. Section II.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

INTELLIGENCE, SURVEILLANCE, AND RECONNAISANCE OPERATIONS Air Force Doctrine Document 2-9 XX Month 2005 This document complements related discussion found in Joint Publication 2-01, Joint and National Intelligence Support to Military Operations.

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

Department of Defense DIRECTIVE NUMBER 5105.23 NUMBER 5105.23 June 28, 2011 June 28, 2011 DA&M DA&M SUBJECT: National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) SUBJECT: National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) References: See Enclosure 1 References: See Enclosure 1 1.

FM 17-98 Chapter 3 Reconnaissance

Military CHAPTER 3 Reconnaissance Scout platoons conduct reconnaissance to provide their commander with information that has tactical value concerning the

GAO-11-465 Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance ...

Report to Congressional Committees. June 2011 . INTELLIGENCE, SURVEILLANCE, AND RECONNAISSANCE . Actions Are Needed to Increase Integration and Efficiencies of


CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF NATIONAL RECONNAISSANCE (CSNR) The Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance is an independent National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) research body reporting to the NRO Deputy Director, Business Plans and Operations.

US Space-Based Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

167 Chapter 13 US Space-Based Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Maj Brian Crothers, USAF; Maj Jeff Lanphear, USAF; Maj Brian Garino, USAF; Maj Paul P. Konyha III, USAF; and Maj Edward P. Byrne, USAF I wouldn't want to be quoted on this, but we've spent 35 or 40 billion dollars on ...

The 66th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing in Europe.

The 66 th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing in Europe. By Doug Gordon From the time when man first went aloft in a balloon to report on enemy movements below, tactical reconnaissance has played a vital part in warfare.

WWII American Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron and ...

2d Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized The 2d Cavalry Regiment (Horse), including 1st Squadron,

GAO-07-596T Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance ...

GAO-07-596T Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance: Preliminary Observations on DOD's Approach to Managing Requirements for New Systems, Existing Assets, and Systems Development