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Crystallization 1 RECRYSTALLIZATION A pure compound is a homogeneous sample consisting only of molecules having the same structure. However, substances believed to be pure on the basis of certain criteria may actually contain small amounts of contaminants.

Recrystallization .

1 Recrystallization . Recrystallization is the primary method for purifying solid organic compounds. Compounds obtained from natural sources or from reaction mixtures almost always contain impurities.


Recrystallization Recrystallization is a very common technique used to purify solids. A material termed impure is a mixture of two or more components, from which only one component is desired.

Recrystallization and Melting Points

1 Christopher B. Martin CHEM 3411 1 Recrystallization and Melting Points •Last week you successfully separated the three components of panacetinand you have submitted your analysis on the relative amounts of these components… congratulations!

Recrystallization of Benzoic Acid and Acetanilide

Part B - 2: Acetanilide with water, p. 104 Part B - 5: Mixed solvent recrystallization of benzoic acid, p. 106

Recrystallization Techniques

Chemistry 211L Clark College Recrystallization Techniques Fall 2007 Page 1 of 5 Recrystallization Techniques Adapted from: "The Purity and Purification of Solids, " CHEM 337M Laboratory Manual; Portland State University, Portland, OR, 1995.

Lab 5 – Recrystallization

Recrystallization 53 Recrystallization Most of the organic substances recovered from organic reactions, or collected from natural sources, are impure and require purification to obtain the desired pure product.


Everything you want to know about recrystallization and melting points: http://courses.chem.psu.edu/chem36/HTML/Experiments/recrstal.pdf. Recrystallization

Recrystallization of Benzoic Acid

Recrystallization of Benzoic Acid Objective To purify benzoic acid by recrystallization and gain experience with a basic organic laboratory techniques.


1 RECRYSTALLIZATION, FILTRATION AND MELTING POINT Recrystallization is one of the main purification methods for solid compounds on virtually any scale, from mg to kg to tons.