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GSP2010 26-63 GSP2010 26-63. Accommodations & Activities Availability subject to change. Some fees apply.

Determining Eligibility and Yields for Grain Sorghum Varieties

... F-190 BMR Midland Genetics Silo-Fill II Dual Sil Monsanto - DeKalb FS-5 FS25E Mycogen Plant Sciences T-E Milk-A-Lot T-E Silomaker Redtop Kandy T-E Milkmaker-T Greenchopper Novartis Seeds Inc . ...

IMPORTANT : Please review all order information in this ...

20 1 2 SWEET SORGHUM SEED ORDER FORM (mail or fax form) IMPORTANT : Please review all order information in this paragraph prior to placing your order.

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Forage Types and Varieties for West Texas

Forage Types and Varieties for West Texas Calvin Trostle, Extension Agronomy, TAEX-Lubbock (806.746.4044) Updated May, 2000 General Principles for High Quality Forage : For any forage—grazing or haying—leaf and stem quality

Sesquicentennial " Homecoming Reunion" and Community Celebration

1 Millersburg Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Sesquicentennial" Homecoming Reunion" and Community Celebration 1858-2008—From the Frontier to the Future August 22, 23, 24, 2008 Come Join Us as We Celebrate 150 Years Serving God and Community Vintage Clothing Encouraged for All Events or ...

Wildlife Hab pub

... Clover * Wildrye Idaho fescue Timothy * Yellow salsify Dandelion Elk sedge Bluegrass Needlegrass Orchard grass Rough fescue Redtop Bluebunch wheatgrass BLACK BEAR Douglas-fir Lodgepole pine Engelmann spruce Silver fir Birch Red alder Subalpine fir Western hemlock Buffaloberry Cherry Currant Elderberry Western ...

specimen collection 5-11 2

Specimen Collection Valid laboratory results are dependent upon proper specimen collection and handling prior to the arrival of the sample in the laboratory.

equine SuPPLieS

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They include native Canada wild-rye, redtop, June grass, and introduced species such as timothy, orchard grass, and brome grass. Cool season plants also include legumes such as birds-foot trefoil, ...