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Palestinian refugees in Jordan Oroub Al Abed

Jordan, a country known to have received the biggest flow of Palestinian refugees since 1948 and considered to host 41 perc...

Refugees to, and from Sudan

Refugees From and To Sudan By Munzoul A. M. Assal Paper Prepared for the Migration and Refugee Movements in the Middle East and North Africa The Forced Migration & Refugee Studies Program The American University in Cairo, Egypt October 23-25, 2007

Introduction to Refugee Children's Voices

Some poems contain references to refugees' experiences that younger children may find disturbing, so we recommend that teachers read the poems before sharing them with their students.

Who are Refugees?

Children play in Ifo camp, Kenya, as the sun goes down. © UNHCR/E. Hockstein. Who are Refugees? Until 1951 there was no commonly accepted term for people fleeing persecution.

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Author: Sherifa Shafie Basic Information Official Name: Lebanon or Lebanese Republic Capital: Beirut Estimated population: 3,874,050 (July 2006 est.) Websites: CIA, The World Factbook Map of Lebanon Summary Lebanon is located in the South-East of the Mediterranean ...

Refugee Women, UNHCR and the Great Lakes Crisis

During the slaughter, another "first" in modern history was witnessed: On April 28, more than 200,000 Rwandans crossed into Tanzania through a single border post in one 24-hour period, a deliberate mass movement of population that fieldworkers called the "fastest and largest exodus of refugees in ...

Refugees: Real People…Real Stories…Real Life

1 Dear Educator, Welcome to Teachers' Corner ! Here you will find educational resources provided by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Created by the UN General Assembly in 1950 to help more than one million European refugees still homeless in the aftermath of World War II, today the UN Refugee ...

Refugees and Asylees: 2010

Office of Immigration Statistics POLICY DIRECTORATE. Refugees and Asylees: 2010. DANIEL C. MARTIN. The United States provides refuge to persons who have been persecuted or have a well-founded


1 ENVIRONMENTAL REFUGEES: A GROWING PHENOMENON OF THE 21ST CENTURY* Norman Myers Introduction There is a new phenomenon in the global arena: environmental refugees.

Fact Sheet 2010/2011

When Refugees arrive in the US • Some are reunified with family members/friends • Other refugees arrive without knowing anyone in the city to which they are being resettled • Refugees resettled in the United States do not get to choose in which state to reside.