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Teil - Reinigung, Desinfektion und Sterilisation

Reprocessing Instructions for GEUDER AG Products In accordance with paragraph 5 of the German Medical Devices Act (MPG), the responsibility for the publication of these instructions lies with: GEUDER AG Hertzstraße 4 D-69126 HEIDELBERG, GERMANY Tel: (+49) 0 6221-3066 Fax: (+49) 0 6221-303122 E ...


Page 2 of 16 15 th Intern. Seminar on Hydropower Plants - Hydropower Plants in the Context of the Climatic Change Copyright: Institute for Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion - Vienna 2008 1809: Horse-Drawn Railway in Philadelphia (USA) 1825: Steam-Railway, Stockton - Darlington (Northeast ...


Qualitymanagement ISO 9001:2000 Coding : TM ED RG DE 01 Revision 01 Page Pag e 1 of 2 Responsible : PM Dekorativ released : 20 .11 .2009 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET EGGER EURODEKOR

Cleaning of Metal Ceilings

Reinigung Deckenplatten E.doc. Cleaning of Metal Ceilings Armstrong - paint coatings Armstrong-ceiling-tiles in general are electrostaticly paint coated with a polyester powder.

Cleaning instructions for Witex elastoclic pur

Technical Information Cleaning instructions for Witex elastoclic pur elastoclic pur is a high-quality resilient flooring with a polyurethane surface which provides ideal conditions for highly cost-effective cleaning methods, including use of floor washers, with long maintenance intervals.

Reinigung und Desinfektion

PENT AX U. K LIMITED Pentax House R&D-Mittel/rev01/2007-01 1/2 Heron Drive Langley Slough SL3 8PN Cleaning and Disinfection The cleaning and disinfection agents for manual and machine reprocessing of endoscopes stated below were tested by PENTAX with regard to their material compatibility with ...

Care and cleaning instructions for Witex laminate flooring

Microsoft Word - reinigung_laminat_gb.doc. Technische Information Care and cleaning instructions for Witex laminate flooring General instructions for maintenance, cleaning and care 9 Vacuum ...


E*x EEI.*YTT: äffi ffi {w#,ua*Ys:ä**äß.ffi &-ffi äaeaßw*Äruäps-wz4Äffi F"x*xT*a**Hzw€zwzfuYryÄ Lehrgang: Reinigung von Luflungsantragen

Carl Ed. Meyer GmbH

Care and cleaning instructions for Witex Ready-Made clic Parquet Carl Ed. Meyer GmbH

DK Motor clean up

DK Motor clean up When first tested, I applied 12 volts, current limited to 2.5 amp thru the motors of the DK Pin 3 and pin 5. One DK opened the throttle plate but the other did not.