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A commercial reptile and amphibian license is required of a person to take, trap, catch or fish for snapping turtles and green frogs for commercial purposes.

2011 Tucson Reptile & Amphibian Show & Sale

2011 Tucson Reptile & Amphibian Show & Sale Vendor Application September 24 - 25, Saturday 9am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm Vendor Load In: Friday 2pm - 8pm, Saturday 7:30am - 9am Tucson Expo Center 3750 E. Irvington Rd. Company: Owner: Address ...

Ultraviolet Light and Reptiles, Amphibians

Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery Volume 13, No. 4, 2003 p27 - 37 ROUNDTABLE Ultraviolet Light and Reptiles, Amphibians Ultraviolet lighting is integral for the growth and maintenance of many reptile and amphibian species.

Reptile- Associated Salmonellosis

Center for Food Security and Public Health College of Veterinary Medicine Iowa State University Ames, Iowa 50011 Phone: (515) 294-7189 FAX: (515) 294-8259 E-mail: cfsph@iastate.edu Web: http://www.cfsph.iastate.edu © 2006 page 1 of 6 Institute for International Cooperation in Animal Biologics ...


Reptile Show Calendar Don’t miss out on the reptile shows and events happening in the reptile world. Looking for a reptile show in your area?

Reptiles and UVB

For all reptile species, it is important to provide a UVB gradient that allows the reptile to adjust its UVB exposure. All reptiles should have access to a minimum of 13 microwatts of UVB in order to synthesize vitamin D 3, metabolize calcium, and maintain healthy bone density.


Preventive reptilian medicine means improving human-reptile relationships and supporting a well-regulated reptilian immune system. Light is an important factor in this effort, and light means something different to reptiles than to us humans.

The Reptile and Amphibian Communities in the United States

Executive Summary Reptiles include lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and turtles, while amphibians are frogs, toads, and salamanders. Reptiles and amphibians are native to every continent in the world except Antarctica; however, most species are found between the latitudes of 40 degrees North and 40 ...

Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Reptiles

Supplement to the May 2008 REPTILES magazine article "When the Lights Go Out."

A Reptile of Many Talents

Name: _____ A Reptile of Many Talents by Kelly Hashway What animal has feet like a parrot, can see in more than one direction at a time, and has a tongue that can move with incredible speed?