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ST-8A (Rev. 6/4/02) 5010 STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE RESALE CERTIFICATE Notice ToSeller: Purchaser'sStatement: As purchaser, I certify that I am engaged in the business of selling, leasing or renting tangible personal property of the kind and type sold by your firm.

Resale Exemption Certificate ST-28A Rev. 6-09

KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE RESALE EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE The undersigned purchaser certifies that the tangible personal property or service purchased from: Seller : _____ Business Name Address: ...


CHECK ONE: * PENNSYLVANIA TAX UNIT EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE (USE FOR ONE TRANSACTION) * PENNSYLVANIA TAX BLANKET EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE (USE FOR MULTIPLE TRANSACTIONS) Name of Seller, Vendor, or Lessor Street City State Zip Code Property and services purchased or leased using this certificate are ...

Resale Certificate of Exemption

Indiana Department of Revenue Resale Certificate of Exemption Sales to a Licensed Vehicle, Trailer or Watercraft Dealer Only by an Indiana Automobile Auction or an Indiana Licensed Dealer Form ST-105D State Form 51520 R2/ 5-05 This form is to be used only by an Indiana automobile auction or an ...


(1) Buyer has received a copy of the Documents. Buyer is advised to read the Documents TREC NO. 30-9, RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUM CONTRACT (RESALE)

Suggested Blanket Resale Certificate

Suggested Blanket Resale Certificate This is to certify that all tangible personal property or taxable services purchased from: are intended for resale as tangible personal property or for use or incorporation as a material or part of other tangible personal property to be produced for sale.


STATE OF RHODE ISLAND DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE - DIVISION OF TAXATION SALES AND USE TAX RESALE CERTIFICATE I HEREBY CERTIFY under penalties of perjury that I hold valid Permit to Make Sales at Retail No. _____ issued pursuant to the Rhode Island Sales and Use Tax Act, that I am engaged in the ...

2011 CRT-61 Certificate of Resale

Illinois Department of Revenue CRT-61 Certifi cate of Resale Step 1: Identify the seller 1 Name _____ 2 Business address _____ _____ City State Zip Step 2: Identify the purchaser 3 Name ...


RESALE CERTIFICATE INSTRUCTIONS A valid state sales tax permit number is required to certify that the products are being purchased for resale. Complete the certificate below by filling in the following information in the numbered space.

Resale Checklist Buyers' Salesperson 18 May 2011

Page 1 of 2 √Resale Checklist for Buyers who engage Salesperson Resale Flat Address: Salesperson’s Name: CEA Regn. No. Estate Agent’s Name: Salesperson’s Phone No.