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Respirator Types

Respirator Types Goal This program provides information on the different types of respirators and their approved use. Objective Workers will be able to identify the appropriate respirators required for the different atmospheric hazards.

Voluntary Respirator Use

http://www.lni.wa.gov/ 12/09 Voluntary Respirator Use Chapter 296-842 WAC Rule Voluntary Use 110-1 WAC 296-842-11005 Make sure voluntary use of respirators is safe Important: • Respirator use is not voluntary, and the required use sections of this chapter apply, if:-An employer chooses to ...

Dust mask vs. respirators, can you tell the difference?

Dust mask vs. respirators, can you tell the difference? Occupational Safety Team at the ORCBS (517) 355-1053 Dust masks are not NIOSH* approved disposable filtering facepieces.


QUICK CARD TM Protect Yourself Respirators Respiratory protection must be worn whenever you are working in a hazardous atmosphere. The appropriate respirator will depend on the contaminant(s) to which you are exposed and the protection factor (PF) required.

NIOSH Respirator Selection Logic

This RSL is not intended to be used for selection of respirators for protection against infectious agents or for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) agents of terrorism.

Errors Associated with Three Methods of Assessing Respirator Fit

TABLE I. List of Respirators Tested Manufacturer Description Facepiece Size(s) Facepiece Style 3M 8511 OSFA Filtering Cup 3M 8515 OSFA Filtering Cup 3M 9210 OSFA Filtering Cup 3M 9211 OSFA Filtering Cup 3M 7000 with7N11 filter Small/medium, medium/marge Elastomeric NA B AlphaProtech 695 OSFA ...

Military Respirator Specifications Application Note AFT-004

Automated Filter Testing Military Respirator Specifications Application Note AFT-004 Introduction Procedures for testing and certifying air-purifying and particulate respirators for military use are often not governed by standards.


Workforce Safety & Insurance www.WorkforceSafety.com _____ June 2003 RESPIRATORS Respirator Procedures for Selection and Use 1.

Capabilities and Limitations of Respirators

TABLE 2. Capabilities and Limitations of Respirators I. Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators Atmosphere-supplying respirators provide protection against oxygen deficiency and toxic atmospheres.

Can an Employee Have a Beard and Wear a Respirator?

Featured Letter of Interpretation: Respirators & Beards Can an employee with a beard wear a respirator? Can an employee with a beard lose his job based on OSHA's requirements for respirator use?