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TracVision LM User Manual

Record the Cold Sky Average and the RFGAIN value reported in step 5. 7. Type ZAP<cr> . The system will re-initialize using the new RFGAIN and RFOFFSET scale factors displayed following step 5.

TracVision User's Guide

13. Check the antenna dome for dew, grime, or heavy rain. Are any of these conditions present? YES - Clean the antenna dome, or wait for the rain to subside.

How to Use Your Cobra 29 LTD Classic

chicago, ill.60707 sig 1 3 5 7 9 +30db 2 3 cal rf swr rf dynamike rfgain d s/rf swr cal nb/ anl anl off c min max min max squelch off volume

How to Use Your Cobra 29 LTD Classic

dynamike rfgain deltatune swr cal s/rf swr cal nb/ anl anl off cb pa brt dim ch9 nor rx/tx min max m in max squelch f volume sig1 3 579+30db 2 3 cal swr rf noise weak signals medium signals strong signals g a t e c l o s e d gate closed setting squelch dynamike rfgain deltatune swr cal s/rf swr cal nb/ anl anl off cb pa brt dim ch9 nor rx/tx min max m in max squelch ...

Advanced Simulation Blockset for Radar System Architects The ...

NoiseFigure_RFGain=0 Out_CenterFreq=0Hz [f0] RC_ExcessBW=0.22 BB_DownSamplingRatio=5 [BB_UpSamplingRatio] PhaseImbalance=0° ADC_NBits=8 [DAC_NBits]

Monolithic Digital Stereo FM Transmitter

RFGAIN[3:0]=1111) - 15 mA Standby Current I stand Pin 4 - 0.1 1 μA Signal to Noise Ratio SNR V in = 0.7 V p-p, G in = 0 - 60 - dB Total Harmonic Distortion THD V

A Contemporary Homebrew Transceiver with a Vintage Flair

... 16:1 Analog MPX Audio Power Amp Mic Preamp +X PTT 40.000 MHz Earphone Mic Input Key TiCK1 Keyer MGC on RCV PR2 PF2 PR1 PF1 MAX512 3 CH DAC Keyer Mode (PB) RCV MGC PF1 PR1 PF2 PR2 AFGAIN RFDRIVE RFGAIN MFUNC OPMODE 12VMON ALCMON SW1 SW2 SW3 PTT Q0 Q1Q3 Q2 Comlinear CLC5523 Antenna Matching Network ALC on XMIT AFGAIN RFDRIVE RFGAIN MFUNC ...

Variable Rate Decimator

In addition to the digital AGC, the RF front end must be controlled with an analog AGC which adjusts the RFgain such that the signal provided by the A/Dconverteris reasonably close to the desired steady state value.


... Digital frequency readout •Liquid Crystal Display, (LCD), for frequency and clock •Digital clock with selectable 12/24 hour format •Wake-up timer (use as radio-play alarm clock) •Power failure backup feature •Sleep timer •Maintuningknob and independent fine-tuning control knob •Variable RFGain ...

TZA3043; TZA3043B Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel ...

APPLICATIONS •Digital fibre optic receiver in medium and long haul optical telecommunications transmission systems or in high speed data networks •Wideband RFgain block.