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Glass Fibre Production in Eastern Europe

In the first paper Shkol'rikov and Kocharov describe an automatic production line set up at the Merefyanski Glass Plant for the production of glass yarn by vertical steam blowing and for the processing of this yarn to yield heat and acoustic insulating materials.


This investigation was followed by I RIKOV & G EORGIEV (2002) studying the land snails of Stara Zagora town. Despite these investigations there were no any detailed malacological studies on the village areas in the country, having some different habitat conditions as pasture of domestic birds, cattle and ...


The correct authorship of thesub-species A. established asRuttner and not Goetze, ofA. syriaca as Sko-rikov and not Buttel-Reepen, and ofA. intermissaas Maa and not Buttel-Reepen.

Inside soviet military intelligence Viktor Suvorov

Among them was comrade A. I. Rikov, the head of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs which sounds less innocuous in its abbreviation, NKVD.

The Absorption Of Small-Scale Industry In The Plan Period

After World War II, the number of these enterprises declined from about 425,000 to 350,000 because of the amalgamation of collective farms.12 Some small-scale industrial enterprises were transferred to local au-thorities, who operated them as local industries (predpriiatiia rikov).


I RIKOV , B. T EMELKOV , G. G ECHEVA , I. M OLLOV , D. G EORGIEV . 2009. Guidance for Laboratory and Field Exercises of Ecology. University of Plovdiv Publishing House, Plovdiv. 155 p.

New Thinking about Socialism

Personalities in favor of continuing the NEP, such as N. Bukharin, Y. Rudzutak, A. Rikov, as well as S. Kirov, fell victim to this struggle. They were executed.

Rusyn-Language Publications

Mist nad rikov chasu: esei/A Bridge Over the River of Time: Essays (Prešov, 2009), 64 p. ___ Smolei, Shtefan. Nahoda abo sud'ba (Prešov, 2009), 144 p. $14.75 ___ Kseniak, Mykolai.

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Denis Rikov KRCS KR denis-rykov@yandex.ru 28. Mira Yakupova UNICEF KR 29. Jamilya Abdunasirova UNICEF KR dabdynasyrova@unicef.org 30. Akilbek Shadimanov UNDP DRMP KR a_shadymanov@batken.undp.kg 31.

CFF OPET Cleaner Fossil Fuel OPET

The author is very grateful to NATO ARW workshop participants-scientists and specialists, and especially to Dr. Hetland (Norway, OPET ARCTIC, Co-director of NATO ARW) , Dr. Nitzov (Belgium), Dr. Farvet (France), Dr. Dahl (Norway), Dr. Christensen (Denmark), Dr. Rikov (Russia), Dr. Abdullajev ...