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NASA Robotics, Tele-Robotics and Autonomous Systems Roadmap ...

DRAFT Robo Tics , Tele -R oboTics AnD Au Tonomous s NASA Robotics, Tele-Robotics and Autonomous Systems Roadmap (Nov. 2010)

Robotics in the Classroom

Acknowledgements This publication was developed for Wright Patterson Air Force Base with the assistance of educators from the TIES Program (Teachers in Industry for Educational Support) and professionals from Wright Patterson Air Force Base under direction from the Educational Outreach Office.

Robotics, philosophy and the problems of autonomy

© 2005. John Benjamins Publishing Company All rights reserved Pragmatics & Cognition 13:3 (2005), 55-532 . issn 0929-0907 / e-issn 1569-9943 © John Benjamins Publishing Company Robotics, philosophy and the problems of autonomy* Willem F.G. Haselager Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and ...

Intuitive Surgical Presentation to the Congressional Robotics ...

Intuitive Surgical -Overview É Founded in 1995 É Employs ~1100 people worldwide, ~1000 people in the US É Publicly-traded company, NASDAQ "ISRG" É Intuitive's da Vinci systems used in 136,000 procedures performed in 2008, up 60% from 2007 É Q109 procedures up approximately 60% from Q108 É ...

How Robotics Achieves Outcomes

© Copyright 2006 Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy 3/12 individuals to predict changes in natural and designed systems. Models are tentative schemes or structures that correspond to real objects, events, or classes of events that have explanatory power.

A Comparison between 3-axis r-theta robot vs. 4-axis SCARA robot

The 3-axis r-theta robot is the mostly adopted wafer handling robot for decades in semiconductor industry, people would wonder why shall they change to SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) type if current robot" didn ' t break, why fix it?

Enhanced Mars Rover Navigation Techniques

In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation , Detroit MI, 1999. [7]J. Matijevicetal. Characterization of the Martian Surface Deposits by the Mars Pathfinder Rover, Sojourner.

KUKA Project Book

CHRYSLER Powertrain Project Book Version 6.5 Page 6 Issued 07.01.2010 File: Projectbook_KUKA_Robotics_6.5_en.2 07012010 KR 5 arc HW: KUKA Roboter presents the absolute specialist for arc welding: the KR 5 arc HW (Hollow Wrist).

Robotics as Means to Increase Achievement Scores in an ...

Journal of Research on Technology in Education 9 Copyright © 2007, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), 800.336.5191 (U.S. & Canada) or 541.302.3777 (Int’l), iste@iste.org, www.iste.org.

Getting Kids into Robotics

R obots and kids go together like bacon and eggs, peaches and cream, resistors and capacitors. Thanks to low-cost construction kits —and not to mention popular movies that glamorize automatons —more and more children are exploring the world of robots.