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4 Aerospace Dimensions ROCKETS 4 Aerospace Dimensions ROCKETS MODULE Civil Air Patrol Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

Water Rocket Construction

114 Rocket Activity Water Rocket Construction Objective Student teams will construct water rockets and successfully launch them. Description Using plastic soft drink bottles, cardboard or Styrofoam food trays, tape, and glue, small teams of students design and construct rockets.


Check all that apply: Rockets.com_____ Facebook_____ Rockets game_____ Flyer_____ Friend/ family/co-worker_____ Rockets audition hotline_____ Auditioned last year_____ Other: ...

Houston Rockets (10-8) vs. Washington Wizards (3-15)

Rockets 2011-12 Game Notes 1 Houston Rockets (10-8) vs. Washington Wizards (3-15) Regular Season Game #19 Home Regular Season Game #10 at Toyota Center

New Rocket Guide- 6-15-08

72. Rocket Activity Foam Rocket Objective Students will learn about rocket stability and trajectory with rubber band-powered foam rockets. Description

Model Rocketry Technical Manual

Some rockets which are stable will not point forward of their own accord unless they are started straight. This is done by holding the rocket in one hand with the arm extended and then pivoting the entire body as the rocket is started in the circular path.

Stability of a Model Rocket in Flight

Stability of a Model Rocket in Flight

Lesson Plan: Rockets: Kinematics or Energy?

1 Originally published as part of Project SOAR™: Science in Ohio through Aerospace Resources, Volume I-III. Dayton, Ohio: The National Museum of the United States Air Force and The Air Force Museum Foundation, Inc. 1997-1999.

Soda Straw Rocket Activity

NOTE: Rocket launching should take place in an open enough area where students are able to stand out of the way of rockets being launched. 122. Courtesy…John Callas (JPL) 1.