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A.P. English Fyodor Dostoevsky

Raskólnikov, Rodion Románovich (Ródya, Ródenka, Ródka) The novel's protagonist. Raskolnikov's name is derived from raskol=schism or split, and implies his emotional and philosophical schizophrenia.


33 D ONATA K OPAŃSKA -B RÓDKA Wspomaganie dydaktyki matematyki narzędziami informatyki [ Information technology supporting mathematical education ] .....

Crime and Punishment

3 a noise Within 2009/10 Repertory Season Cast of Characters CHARACTERS IN THE PLAY: Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov •* —The main character who is alternately called Rodya, Rodenka, Rodka, or Raskolnikov.


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On the life and work of Andrzej Mostowski?

We have also used the outline of the biography of A. Mostowski prepared by A. *ródka for the Archive of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The second source of data which we have used is the personal files and other documents of Andrzej Mostowski that have been found in the files of the University of ...

Biomechanical model of human eyeball and its applications

412 W. Ś RÓDKA The identified experimental and numerical shortcomings contribute to the persistence of conflicting beliefs about solutions achievable today.

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Radioisotopes in the environment Maria Wac¯awek, Agnieszka Do¯ha*czuk-*ródka and Witold Wac¯awek..... 245 6.2.

Brook Crompton

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... principles for the guidance of physicians in medical research - the Declaration of Helsinki Juhana E. Idänpään-Heikkilä 279 RESEARCH Keeping clean water clean in a Malawi Refugee Camp: a randomized intervention trial Les Roberts, Yves Chartier, Oana Chartier, Grace Malenga, Michael Toole, & Henry Rodka ...