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Scanning Fluorescence Microscopy Double Immunolabeling of ...

232 Romijn, van Uum, Breedijk, Emmering, Radu, Pool depolymerized paraformaldehyde in 0.1 M phosphate buffer (pH 7.5) gave the best histological and immu


3 RIPE 58 - 5 May 2009 http://www.ripe. net Erik Romijn RIPE Network Coordination Centre People at this meeting who have seen this presentation before

The Jatropha Biofuels Sector in Tanzania: Evolution Towards ...

Caniëls, M.C.J. and H.A. Romijn (2008) „Actor networks in Strategic Niche Management: Insights from Social Network Theory‟, Futures 40 (7): 613-629.

J Appl Physiol 86:517-522, 1999.

J Appl Physiol 86:517-522, 1999. Sauerwein and J. A. Romijn J. de Metz, F. Sprangers, E. Endert, M. T. Ackermans, I. J. M. ten Berge, H. P. endocrine and metabolic effects in humans

Incident analysis with RIPE NCC tools

Incident analysis with RIPE NCC tools Analysing the RIS/Duke BGP incident Erik Romijn <eromijn@ripe.net> Senior Software Engineer

Strategic Niche Management:

Evidence from the Netherlands gr03-02 Marjolein C.J. Caniëls, Henny A. Romijn Firm-level knowledge accumulation and regional dynamics gr03-03 Cees J. Gelderman : Handling measurement and strategic issues in Kraljic's portfolio model - results of explorative case studies gr03-04 David Davis, Ivo de Loo ...

New Zealand Lizards - An environmental education teaching ...

Created by Richard Romijn 2 Contents Introduction 3 What is the resource New Zealand Lizards? 3 Why use this resource?

Broad-crested weirs

The operating range of the weir equals the maximum upstream head (h,) which has been selected for the dimensioning of the regulating structure (see Figure 4.3). 5 0.5 p2min or 3 0.5 H, max or 50.15 m STIFFENER PLATE ' BOTTOM SIDE Figure 4.3 The Romijn movable weir iR 2 PLATE p5m 129

Substrate utilization during exercise in active people13

Romijn JA, Wolfe RR. Effects of prolonged exercise on endogenous substrate supply and utilization. In: Lamb DR, Gisolfi GV, eds. Per spectives in exercise science and sports medicine.

Capacity building in Tanzania

2 Introduction This paper is written for the course 'Multidisciplinary Development Theories'. This course, instructed by Henny Romijn, is part of the certificate program 'Technology and Development Studies', which is provided by the program of Technology and Innovation Policy at the Department ...