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Rangpurisa vigorous rootstock producing full sized trees resistant to foot rot, gum­ mosis, and tristeza. Rangpurlimeis nota true lime but is related more to mandarins; sometimes it de­ velopsstem pitting symptoms although this does not appear to adversely affect its performance asa rootstock.

"The new Geneva apple rootstocks -- which ones work for Michigan"

"The new Geneva apple rootstocks -- which ones work for Michigan" Ron Perry Department of Horticulture Michigan State University East Lansing, MI The Cornell-Geneva apple rootstock breeding program has developed a number of rootstocks for commercial propagation.

Effect of Rootstocks on Grapevines

Much of the world's viticulture is based primarily on grafting, where the scion is a cultivar of Vitis vinifera and the rootstock is either a North American Vitis species or an interspecific Vitis hybrid (Weaver, 1976).

rootstock, size-controlling, dwarf rootstock, peach, pruning ...

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Citrus Rootstocks

With the grafting procedures, later with the successfull and professional use of the budding process a desired fruit type was able to be grown on a different rootstock cultivar, which protected the fruit cultivar from the major disease of foot rot.

Rootstocks for Florida Peaches, Nectarines, and Plums 1

The red- leaf trait of 'Flordaguard' rootstock allows easy detection of rootstock sprouts for removal (Figure 2). Rootstock sprouts should be cut carefully with pruning shears to prevent resprouting

A simplified technique for grafting watermelon onto resistant ...

The hybrid cultivar, Bulrojangsaeng ( Lagenaria siceraria ) was the most suitable rootstock on all criteria but the seed is expensive. Therefore, the local Bautrangcultivar ( L. siceraria ) was adopted by farmers as the preferred rootstock on the basis of the low-cost seed.

Choosing Pear Rootstocks for the Pacific Northwest

(0=not susceptible; 4=highly susceptible) Cause Pear Fire Cold Root Iron Rootstock decline blight damage aphid chlorosis OHxF clones 01011 Quince 03403 Bartlett seedling 24041 Winter Nellis seedling 14041 Old Home 00041 P. calleryana 20403 P. betulaefolia (Reimer's) 00401 Trees on 40 may be as small as on 51, but they ...

Dwarf Rootstocks for Apple Trees in the Home Garden

What rootstock should the home gardener choose? Here are a few notes on some of the common rootstocks:

Rootstocks for Grape Production

The rootstock 3309 Couderc (3309C) has lower growth rates than other choices. If vineyard soils are very heavy and hold too much moisture, a rootstock with a shallow root system such as 3309C may be beneficial just as a deep-rooted rootstock will be valuable in a sandy, droughty soil.