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REV 102510 Rosetta Stone Ltd ("Rosetta Stone") is the developer of the Rosetta Stone ® language learning programs. We take the privacy of our customers seriously.


END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT . ROSETTA STONE™ AND ROSETTA WORLD™ 1. AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND FAIRFIELD: This End User License Agreement ("Agreement") is a contract between you and Fairfield & Sons LTD dba Fairfield Language

Set Up Your Headset

Set Up Your Headset WARNING: The headset may initially be very LOUD. Adjust the Playback or Output volume settings to Low before using your headset for the first time.

Quick Start

Quick Start Online Language Learning Center 1 3 4 2 B Start Your Course Click System Check. Follow instructions to install any components needed to run the Rosetta Stone application.


iii Welcome! Welcome to Rosetta Stone ® — the world’s leading language-learning software. Rosetta Stone teaches language naturally, the same way you

Learn a language today.

By successfully replicating the experience of learning your first language, Rosetta Stone teaches naturally, without tedious translation, memorization or grammar drills.


Rosetta Introduction Rosetta is the first mission designed to orbit and land on a comet. It consists of an orbiter, carrying 11 science experiments, and a lander, called 'Philae', carrying 10 additional instruments, for the most detailed study of a comet ever attempted.

Roset ta: A computer program for estimating soil hydraulic ...

Roset ta: A computer program for estimating soil hydraulic parameters with hierarchical pedotransfer functions website : http: //www.cals.arizona.edu/research/rosetta/index.html Download Roset ta http: //www.cals.arizona.edu/research/rosetta/download/ROSETTA.EXE Download this document in PDF ...

Administrator's Guide Rosetta Stone® Manager

iii Introduction Welcome to Rosetta Stone ® Manager Version 3, a language-learning system that allows you to monitor the progress of Learners. You can create Groups to reflect your organizational structure, and connect multiple Learners and Administrators to customize your system.

Rosetta Technology® - LINK 16 LINK 11 LINK 22 VM F - JMMTIDS ...

Rosetta Technology® Message definitions LINK 16 LINK 11 LINK 22 VM F 1553 X.25 TCP Correlation engine H A R D W A R E MESSAGE LAYER I/0 LAYER JMMTIDS Moving Map (GUI)