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ORGANIC LABORATORY TECHNIQUES 8 8.1 • ROTARY EVAPORATION : THE "ROTOVAP" The rotary evaporator or "rotovap" is an expensive piece of apparatus that needs to be used with care.

Experiment 4-Operating the rotary evaporator

1 OPERATING THE ROTARY EVAPORATOR (ROTOVAP ) The rotary evaporator is an instrument that is used in the lab for the removal of volatile solvents from a nonvolatile or less volatile product.

Rotary Evaporator Safety

What is a Rotary Evaporator? • It accelerates the evaporation of solvent. In other words it's a mini-distillery • Everyone calls it a "Rotovap" • How does it work? • spins and heats your flask • places your flask under vacuum • evaporates solvent from your flask and condenses and ...

Rotary Evaporation (Rotovap): Setup and Operational SOP

Rotary Evaporation (Rotovap): Setup and Operational SOP By Carol Ziel and Jeanne Stewart 9/23/04 CAUTION: Do procedure in Chemical Fume Hood! Setup Notes: 1.

Operation of the RotoVap

SP037 Operation of the RotoVap Materials and Reagents: 1. Brinkman Rotavapor R110 (note 1). 2. Pyrex Round Bottom Flask (250ml, 500ml, or 1L) 3. 1 - 2 Green taper clamps (VWR 21734-862) 4.

Kjeldahl Guide

Acknowledgment The author expresses his gratitude to Dr. Matthias Wüst, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, for his conscientious examination and complementation of the references to the scientific literature and the careful reviewing of the manuscript.

Rota vapor R 210/215

3 BÜCHI Labortechnik AG, the inventor of the rotary evaporator, introduces the next generation of Rotavapor setting new standards for ease of use, safety and the provision of complete solutions for evaporation applications.

Evaporation & Life Science

www.buchi.com @ best @ buchi 24 2002 Information Bulletin Evaporation & Evaporation & Evaporation & Evaporation & Evaporation & Life Science Life Science Life Science Life Science Life Science Trace Analysis of Human's Milk - Syncore versus Rotary Evaporator We describe the trace analysis of ...

eparation of Beta Carotene and Chlorophyll from

Questions 1) What is the purpose of putting a solution on the rotovap? Explain in your own words how this process works. 2) Which is more polar, beta carotene or chlorophyll?

Jerry A. Leenheer, Aaron Dotson and Paul Westerhoff - 1 ...

J. A. Leenheer et al., Annals of Environmental Science / 2007, Vol 1, 45-56 www.aes.northeastern.edu 45 DISSOLVED ORGANIC NITROGEN FRACTIONATION