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Module 3 Web/M3rottinglog

1 Module 3 Supplemental Activity: 1 Module 3 Supplemental Activity: Rotting-Log Researchers & Decaying-Leaf Detectives Duration: Duration: 90-120 minutes Essential Knowledge, Skills and Processes use optical and other appropriate tools in field investigations (hand lens, flashlight, camera ...

The Rotting Log

Ohio Benchmarks: See below in Background Information. Materials Needed: a rotting, fallen tree on the school ground or near the school. •* 30-gallon terrarium •* coal pieces •* water dish •* bedrocks •* soil from school yard •* a large rotting log •* students supplying organisms ...

Four Winds Nature Institute

(HON pgs. 80­86) What organisms might live in a rotting log? Time Machine: observe the stages of a log's decomposition. Puppet Show: learn that many different organisms live in rotting logs, and that these change according to the log's stage of decomposition.

Rotten Bananas Chemical Change

Target Observations: • Some things will slow the rotting of bananas • Bananas do not rot at the same rate if mixed with different substances • Chemical changes include rotting.

Chemical Changes 4th Grade

You can look for a new substance [a solid precipitate, rust on the outside of a nail, browning of fruit] or sense other changes such as bubbles [indicates the formation of a gas] or a new smell [think of garbage and the browning/rotting apple/banana] or a change in temperature [the flubber/oobleck ...

Fusarium rot of garlic bulbs

Symptoms Symptoms Fusarium sp. in garlic headead Photo by Melodie Putnam bs. yellow-brown rotting lesions. In the early Photo by Melodie Putnam bs. yellow-brown rotting lesions.


ROTTING FRUIT OBSERVATIONS Name_____Block_____ 1. Draw a picture of your fruit. Include the jar.

Chemical Reaction Physical Change

Rotting fruit or food spoiling 3. Water evaporating into the atmosphere 4. Soil erosion 5. Boiling an egg 6. Butter melting in a pan 7.


Symptoms Trees extensively invaded with a wood-rotting fungus may show a gradual decline in vigor. Twigs and then branches die back with trees becoming structurally weak and more susceptible to ice and wind damage.

Thermotolerant wood rotting fungi isolated from northern ...

Fungal Diversity 187 Thermotolerant wood rotting fungi isolated from northern Thailand and their potential uses in lignin degrading applications Chartchai Khanongnuch 1*, Nittaya Wanphrut 1, and Saisamorn Lumyong 2 and Takashi Watanabe 3 1 Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Agro-industry ...