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Roundabouts in Georgia

What is a roundabout? • Viable intersection alternative when placed appropriately • Can be significantly safer than traffic signals • Operate more efficiently than 4 way stops • Can operate more efficiently than traffic signals • Not a traffic circle 3 • Circulatory roadway ...

Rules for driving roundabouts from the Wisconsin Motorists ...

Rules foR DRiving RounDabouts www.wisconsin round ab outs.gov << Driving a one-lane roundabout This example shows the traffic movement patterns through a one-lane roundabout.

What is a roundabout?

What is a roundabout? A roundabout is an intersection where traffic travels around a central island in a counterclockwise direction. Vehicles entering or exiting the roundabout must yield to vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Roundabouts: An Informational Guide

ONE WAY signs establish the direction of traffic flow within the roundabout. ONE WAY sign ONE WAY signs (R6-1R) may be used in the central island opposite the entrances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roundabouts

Front Cover: Vooreheesville Roundabout, New York State Intersection of Route 155 and Route 85A Single Lane Roundabout opened in 2003 Accommodates 11,000 vehicles per day

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Roundabouts: An Informational Guide

Roundabout design should generally accommodate pedestrian, bicycle, and large vehicle use. Exhibit 1-7. Basic design characteristics for each of the six roundabout categories.

MODERN ROUNDABOUTS: A Guide for Application

2 Cover Photograph: Aerial view of modern roundabout in Okemos, MI providing intersection control for a collector and minor arterial. The contents of this booklet reflect the views of the authors who are responsible for the facts and accuracy of the information presented.


Roundabouts are becoming more common across the U.S. as a way to improve traffic flow and reduce serious accidents. But for drivers who have never used a roundabout, it can seem confusing at first.

Design Manual M 22-01.07

WSDOT Design Manual M 22.01.08 Page 1320-1 July 2011 Chapter 1320 Roundabouts 1320.01 General 1320.02 References 1320.03 Definitions 1320.04 Roundabout Types 1320.05 Capacity Analysis 1320.06 Geometric Design 1320.07 Pedestrians 1320.08 Bicycles 1320.09 Signing and Pavement Marking 1320.10 ...