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ORG LARGE SHRUB - evergreen. 3 - 12 ' high, 8' spread ...

Roundish acorns. Native habitat: dry slopes, chaparral - inland, 900' to 5000' - throughout California. Full sun. Frost resistant. Little or no water after second dry season.


Final November 2005 65 5 ENVIRONMENTAL SETTING AND RESOURCES OF THE GREAT LAKES BASIN The following sections summarize the current state of knowledge regarding the distribution and nature of resources and environmental conditions within the Great Lakes Basin.

"A Native Lad" - by Sarah Hurst

Delegate to Congress JAMES WICKERSHAM, aged 55, fairly plump, with a roundish face, balding head and neatly-trimmed moustache, is listening. The legislators are sitting at desks.)

2011 Herb Variety List

Scented Geranium-Lime — ANNUAL Has smooth roundish leaves that are slightly ruffled, and sweetly lime-scented. Will grow tall and lanky if not pruned frequently.

Osteocyte lacunae features in different chicken bones

Some of these features are not defined with one accord through the scientific community; especially the shape of osteocyte lacuna is described by some Authors as elliptic in poultry and roundish in mammals (Gasparini et al., 1996), while in other works (Gizzi et al., 2003) poultry lacunae are defined more ...

Asian pears in California

These have yellowish-green skin, but their pyriform shape distinguishes them from the roundish Japanese varieties. Although Tsu Li and Ya Li originated in China, they are also cultivated in Japan.

Household Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Look-A-Likes in Kentucky

Stink bugs are roundish, shield-backed bugs with 5-segmented antennae. BMSB can be

F R U I T M A N U A L:

- Fruit, roundish turbinate, tapering into a very long neck, some specimens measuring as much as three inches and three-quarters long from the eye to the end of the stalk.


SENSATIONS AND BRAIN PROCESSES J. J. C. Smart (from Philosophical Review , vol. LXVIII) SUPPOSE that I report that I have at this moment a roundish, blurry-edged after-image which is yellowish towards its edge and is orange towards its centre.

Jasminum dichotomum

Leaves opposite, appearing simple (unifoliolate), oval to roundish oblong, glossy, leathery, 5-7 cm (2-4 in) long, with short-pointed tips. Flowers white (pink in bud), quite fragrant, opening at night, in clusters at leaf axils; petals fused into a narrow tube to 2.5 cm (1 in) long, with 5-9 terminal ...