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Material Safety Data Sheet Isopropyl Alcohol

... colorless liquid Odor Rubbing alcohol Boiling Point 82 ºC Melting Point-89 ºC Vapor Pressure 44 @ 25 ºC (mm Hg) Vapor Density (Air = 1) 2.1 Specific Gravity 0.79 @ 20 ºC / 4 ºC Solubility in Water Miscible in water Volatile by Volume 100% @ 21 ºC Evaporation Rate 2.83 ...

MSDS Document Product Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 91% USP

Page 3 of 5 Print Date 11/03/2003 MSDS ID SF10062 Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 91% USP 6. Accidental Release Measures Small Spill Evacuate area of unprotected and unnecessary personnel.

Document Library Technical Data Sheet 05954; 05955; 39004

... 05954 Description 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound is a heavy cut rubbing compound that effectively removes coarse sand scratches and oxidation from paint. ...

Will olive oil float

Teacher's Guide for "Will Olive Oil Float?" Joanne Wittbrodt, Ph. D. Wayne County Community College District Detroit, MI Concepts : density miscibility Supplies : rubbing alcohol (75% or greater isopropyl alcohol) olive oil water clear, colorless container with a leak proof lid Description: Pour ...


RUBBING OUT A FINISH No matter how careful you are, you cannot apply a perfect finish. The key to a quality finish has less to do with applying the finish than what you do after it has been applied.

The Mint Plant and Its Uses

It is also being used for rubbing since the very early stages of human evolution. Plant family: Lamiaceae (mint family). Used plant part: Leaves.

Research Abstract: 1999-02-05 Automotive Rubbing or Polishing ...

Category Automotive Rubbing or Polishing Compounds Table 1: 2107 Product Form** Product Name Company Name Item # O speedy rubbing compound (for lacquer surfaces) The Sherwin- Williams Company 83 O speedy rubbing compound , white The Sherwin- Williams Company 84 O synthetic enamel rubbing ...

Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound 21

450-HDC-PIS PRODUCT: HEAVY DUTY RUBBING COMPOUND PART NUMBER: 1000 21 Quart 12 units/case 32 lbs./case 1000 22 Gallon 4 units/case 41 lbs./case DESCRIPTION: HEAVY DUTY RUBBING COMPOUND is an aggressive, fast*cutting, low dusting, thick*bodied compound.

Texture Rubbing Activity

Texture Rubbing Activity Page 1 of 1 Elements Of Art - Activities: Texture Rubbing Activity Name_____Section_____ This is a fun and easy project to do at home or in school.

Instructions for Gravestone Rubbing

Instructions for Gravestone Rubbing Adapted from The Association For Gravestone Studies publication, Gravestone Rubbing For Beginners, by Jessie Lie Farber.