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Contact: Bernard Leifer

THE CLASSICS FROM RUGGED SHARK® Atlantic and Marlin 2 Models Stand the Test of Time Contact: Bernard Leifer

Ruggedness: TheblessingofbadgeographyinAfrica

rugged terrain nearby, even if some portions of the country are fairly flat. To capture this logic, we calculate the percentage of a country’s land area that is highly rugged. 10

Rugged PC Review News -- April 2009

RuggedPCReview.com If it's rugged, we review it and write about it April 2009 In This Issue Motion J3400 Winmate goes Atom Juniper Allegro MX RMT Duros 1214 Panasonic H1 GETAC PS535F General Dynamics Itronix GD6000 Industrial Box PC Handheld POS systems What's going on?

What is necessary to play rugged adventures

1 RUGGED ADVENTURES The Miniatures Game of Manly Adventure In Exotic Locals Of The Pulp Era PRELIMINARY CORE RULES This is the primary format of Rugged Adventures.

Rugged RJ 45Connectors

Don 'tbefooledbywhat so mem ays ay. Simply inserting a commercial RJ45 connector ins idea circular connector doesn'tmakeitrugged. For pristine data acquisition and transmission in the harshest environm ents, the Ethernetconnec tor needs to bed esigned, en gineered and built to meet t he demand ...

GETAC PS535 Fully Rugged PDA

GETAC PS535 Fully Rugged PDA The new fully rugged PS535F from Getac with a high sensitivity GPS receiver, E-Compass, altimeter and a 3M pixels auto-focus camera, is perfect for GIS applications.

Frontier Grooming Mowers - Rugged. Reliable. Ready.

When you've gotdemanding mowing projects in store , why settle for anything less than equipment that's rugged, reliable, and ready to go when you are?

Rugged Entrance Systems

VISTAWALL Rugged Entrance Systems Vistawall Rugged Entrance ™ systems are engineered to offer long-lasting durability for high traffic areas.

Rugged, Reliable Pay-at-the-Pump Solution—With Full PCI ...

Secure Pay-at-the-Pump Solution BENEFITS AT A GLANCE Rugged, Reliable Pay-at-the-Pump Solution—With Full PCI Approval Secure P umpPAY PCI approved payment solution for existing fuel dispensers Fully integrated, all-in-one design for simplified installation.

Alpha Research & Technology, Inc.

Microsoft Word - Index.doc. Alpha Research & Technology, Inc. "Developing & Integrating Cutting Edge Technologies for Mission Critical Airborne C4I Systems" Home WELCOME TO ALPHA RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, INC.