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GENERAL - MODEL 22 RXL (with cab and loader) Length .....41’

Viper Jr. RXL-40 Specifications

SS_04.xls. Viper Jr. (RXL-40) Two cycle air cooled pre mix fuel/oil 41.5cc φ40.0 * 33.0mm 6.6 : 1 2.2hp @ 7000rpm Single Speed Centrifugal Clutch 1160mm / 45.6" 650mm / 25.6" 727mm / 28.6" 728mm / 28.7" 60kg / 132.3lb A-Arms Dual Shocks Swing Arm / Single Shock N/.A Mechanical Drum 145/70-6 145 ...


Page 6 Additional safety tips: • Participate in an approved ATV safety education training program • Always provide responsible adult supervision for ATV operators younger than 18 years of age • Don't let youngsters ride full-sized ATV's • Follow all safety recommendations of the ATV ...

Dimension® RxL Max®

Instrument Weight and Dimensions Weight RxL Max ® (HM, STM, RMS) - 1250 lbs. (567 kg) Dimensions RxL Max ® (HM, STM, RMS) - 110 in. (280 cm) 1 wide x 68 in. (170 cm) 1 high with monitor x 32 in. (88 cm) deep Additional Minimum Instrument Clearances* •Raised lids: 67 in. (170 cm).

Morbark Model 30 Chiparvestor

GENERAL - MODEL 30 RXL (with cab and loader) Length ..... 41' Height ..... 13'6'' Width ...

Dimension® RxL Max®

Room Environment Operating Temperature Room temperature must be 65-85°F (17-30°C) with a maximum fluctuation of 5°F (2.8°C) per hour. The system requires a maximum of 120 minutes to warm up from a cold start to the incubation temperature.

Dimension® RxL Max

JAN 1 8 21005 Special 510(k): Device Modification Dimension® RxL Max TM Clinical Chemistry System with StreamLAB® Analytical Workcell and Samle Transfer Module 510(k) SUMMARY OF SAFETY AND EFFECTIVENESS For Dimension® RxL Max TM Clinical Chemistry System with Automation System 1.

Engineered for Maximum Productivity

Engineered for maximum productivity, the Dimension RxL Max Suite System is powerful and technologically advanced, and a standard for excellence in clinical diagnostics.


Age Recommendations by model size ATV Model Size ETON Models Minimum Age Weight Capacity Under 70cc RXL-40E RXL-50M RXL-70 6 years and older 70 Lbs 70 - 90cc RXL-90 RXL-90R 12 years and older 250 Lbs over 90cc CXL-150 16 years and older 250 Lbs 150 cc CXL-150 16 years and older 300 Lbs

Max® Chemistry System with

Proprietary Device. MAR 9 2009 510(k) Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Dimension® RxL Max® Chemistry System with Sample Transfer Module and the ADVIA® Modular Automation System This summary of 510(k) safety and effectiveness information is submitted in accordance with the requirements of ...