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The Sacrum

The Sacrum The sacrum is the keystone; the base of the spine. How can you address it effectively? Sacral restrictions have to be differentiated from restrictions of the ilio-sacral joint.


the mesoamerican sacrum bone: doorway to the otherworld1 the sacrum bone: doorway to the otherworld

Computed Tomography of the Sacrum:

1191 Computed Tomography of the Sacrum: 2. Pathology Margaret Anne Whela&' 2 SadekK. Hilal1 Richard Palmer Gold1 Martin G. Luken3 W. Jost Michelson3 Fifteen cases of primary sacral pathology were analyzed.

Pictorial review Sacral insufficiency fracture

Insufficiency fractures of the sacrum are not uncommon and usually occur in osteoporotic bone with minimal or unremembered trauma. However, they appear to be relatively under-diagnosed and this pictorial


THE SACRUM AND YOGA By Richard Rosen INTRODUCTION The Latin word sacer means both "holy" and "cursed." It is the ancestor of familiar English words like sacred and sacrifice, as well as the name of a small triangular bone that forms both the back of the pelvis and the base of the spine.

MRImagingof Sacral and Presacral Lesions

Wetzel1 and Errol Levine Pictorial Essay Sacral lesions are frequently overlooked because of the nonspecificityof associated symptoms and because the pos-tenor curvature of the sacrum and the presence of overlying bowel gas cause difficulties in plain film evaluation[i].


VOL. 58-B, No. 4, NOVEMBER 1976 467 FRACTURE-DISLOCATIONS OF THE SACRUM REPORT OF THREE CASES T. M. BUCKNILL and J. S. BLACKBURNE, LONDON, ENGLAND The pattern of fracture-dislocation of the upper part of the sacrum i s demonstrated in three patients.

27 Sacrectomy

In the case of a primary tumor of the sacrum, such as a chordoma, when, on rectal and endoscopic examination as well as radiologic evaluation by CT scan, it appears that the rectum is not involved and no prior surgery has been performed that would obliterate the plane between the rectum and the sacrum ...

Sacroplasty: A Treatment for Sacral Insufficiency Fractures

Biplane fluoroscopy was used to guide the needle into the sacrum, although the lateral view was limited in its usefulness for position confirmation.

American College of Radiology ACR Appropriateness Criteria

sacrum, since stress fractures of the sacrum appear to be associated with stress-related hip pain in young adult patients [17,35-36]. MRI of long bones often shows the fracture line itself.