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L EFT B ANK O UTFALL D RAIN S TAGE 1 P ROJECT -T IDAL L INK W ORLD B ANK F ACT F INDING M ISSION Technical Note and Recommendations B ACKGROUND The Left Bank Outfall Drain Project and the purpose of the Tidal Link 1.


untitled untitled. 11.11.2010 SAKO MODELS 2011 Model Action Dimensions Caliber / Rate of twist Stock finish Sights Trigger Magazine options Stainless steel barrel Stainless steel action Fluted barrel Muzzle thread for silencer Phosphatized steel parts Black bolt Total length mm Barrel length mm ...

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For more information, call 517/332-7256, e-mail info@SAKOR.com, or go online: www.sakor.com. ■ Please send your product news releases toEngine Professional Technical Editor, Dave Hagen.

SAR Semi-Automatic Rifle

SAR Semi-Automatic Rifle SAR 1 Cal. 7.62x39mm SAR 2 Cal. 5.45x39mm SAR 3 Cal. 5.56 NATO (.223) OPERATIONAL MANUAL Manufactured In Romania This manual is for informational purposes only.

Map 11. Administrative Areas in Koh Kong Province by District ...

0901 Botum Sakor 090101 Andaung Tuek 090102 Kandaol 090103 Ta Noun 090104 Thma Sa 0902 Kiri Sakor 090201 Kaoh Sdach 090202 Phnhi Meas 090203 Preaek Khsach Map 11.

Wildlife Without Borders- Asian Elephant Program Summary of ...

USFWS: $50,000; Leveraged funds: $52,935." Managing Botum Sakor" improves the ability of the Cambodian Ministry of the Environment, Department of Nature Conservation and Protection, to protect elephants and their habitat in the Botum Sakor National Park and surrounding forest lands,

CATS Newsletter (Read-Only)

... parents of Faith Judah Afolabi - born December 3, 2008" To Annette Yaskey Mellish who give birth to a bouncing baby girl on March 12, 2009 Annual Membership Dues of $35 Now Due Please send your check or money order, payable to CSAA, to the treasurer: Ms. Joyce Sakor ...

Cambodian Journal of Natural History

er Lutra sumatrana has been found in Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains (previous volume), Tonle Sap Great Lake (see Heng, this volume) and Botum-Sakor (Royan, this volume).