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PEACE CORPS | EL SALVADOR WELCOME BOOK 1 A WELCOME LETTER. Bienvenidos a El Salvador! Congratulations on being given the privilege to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in El Salvador.

El Salvador

EL SAL VA DOR 295 El Salvador You're going to El Salvador. People ask why. You tell them about the surfing, the hiking, and the museums, and they've already stopped listening.

El Salvador

Microsoft Word - El Salvador film guide streamlined FINAL in booklet form.doc


EL SALVADOR Country Note on Climate Change Aspects in Agriculture This Country Note briefly summarizes information relevant to both climate change and agriculture in El Salvador, with focus on policy developments (including action plans and programs) and institutional make-up.

El Salvador: Political, Economic, and Social Conditions and ...

Congressional Research Service ˜ The Library of Congress CRS Report for Congress Received through the CRS Web Order Code RS21655 Updated May 3, 2005 El Salvador: Political, Economic, and Social Conditions and Relations with the United States Clare Ribando Analyst in Latin American Affairs ...


EL SALVADOR 4 900 Estimated number of people needing antiretroviral therapy (0-49 years), 2005: Antiretroviral therapy target declared by country: December 2005 not declared 1 © World Health Organization 2005 In 2001, El Salvador passed a law on the prevention and control of infection caused by ...

The Ecumenical Council

A National Gallery of Victoria Education Resource Salvador DALÍ Spanish 1904-89, worked in United States 1940-48 The Ecumenical Council 1960 (detail) oil on canvas 299.7 x 254.0 cm The Salvador Dalí Museum, St Petersburg, Florida Worldwide Rights: © Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador ...

The United States Military Advisory Group In El Salvador

Title: The United States Military Advisory Group in El Salvador, 1979-1992 The United States Military Advisory Group In El Salvador

El Salvador

CLIMATE El Salvador's climate is very warm and tropical. The year round temperature is 85˚ F. Usually the lowest it ever gets in El Salvador is 75˚ F.

The Mineral Industry of El Salvador in 1999

THE MINERAL INDUSTRY OF EL SALVADOR—1999 13.1 THE MINERAL INDUSTRY OF E L S ALVADOR By David B. Doan With an economy based largely on agrarian production and exports, El Salvador's mineral production accounted for less than 1% of its estimated gross domestic product (GDP) of about $9.4 billion ...