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Isco 3710C Compact Portable Composite Sampler

Ease of use in single-bottle sampling The 3710C Compact Sampler is ideal for general purpose or toxic pollutant composite sampling. It collects composite samples— based on time or flow intervals— in a 2.5-gallon glass or poly bottle.

GLS Compact Portable Sampler

It's a Great Little Sampler! The GLS Sampler is designed to collect composite samples for general purpose monitoring. It holds a 1- or 2.5-gallon sample bottle, or a 2-gallon disposable ProPak ® bag.

Passive Diffusion Bag Samplers - Frequently Asked Questions

P assive diffusion bag (PDB) sampling is a cost-effective alternative to standard (or low-flow) purge and sample techniques for collecting concentrations of a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in groundwater at monitoring wells.

9800E Soil Sampler

9800E SOIL SAMPLER Thank you for purchasing the Amity Technology Model 9800E Soil Sampler. The following information will assist you in mounting the 9800 to a vehicle of your choosing (ATV, pickup, or trailer).

Powder Sampler

free glide...the smarter way to sample.... The Challenge Sampling Systems have spent many years developing the FreeGlide. This highly innovative device overcomes the problems inherent in other in-line powder samplers:?

Baby Sampler Book - Embroidery Project

These cute baby book pages show Baby Birth Samplers used in creative ways adding fun touches to a little one's Baby Book! Supplies Embroidery Designs • OESD Signature Pack #12254 - Baby Birth Samplers Fabric & Notions • 2 - 5" Squares of White Fleece • OESD PolyMesh Stabilizer • 101 Quilt Basting Spray ...

Automatic & Manual Samplers For Liquids, Slurries & Gases

automatic isolok ® samplers Automatic samplers allow batch or composite sampling. sanit a ry samplers Model SAB •* 10*cc*to*25*cc*sample*volume*per*cycle •* Process*pressure:*vacuum*to*300*psig* (21*barg) Model SAL-B •* Up*to*25*cc*sample*volume*per*cycle •* ISOVALVE ® *allows*sampler ...

Split-Spoon Samplers

Split-Spoon Samplers Drill Rods and Split-Spoon Samplers for SPT Determination 54402 AWJ Drive Head 54403 AWJ Pull Cap 18020 5' AWJ Drill Rod 18021 4' AWJ Drill Rod 18022 3' AWJ Drill Rod 18023 2' AWJ Drill Rod 18024 1' AWJ Drill Rod 5102.502 Adapter AWJ male to AMS male 1 1/4" 5102.501 Adapter ...

Guidance on the Use of Passive- Vapor-Diffusion Samplers to ...

U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey Guidance on the Use of Passive-Vapor-Diffusion Samplers to Detect Volatile Organic Compounds in Ground-Water-Discharge Areas, and Example Applications in New England By PETER E. CHURCH, DON A. VROBLESKY, and FOREST P. LYFORD, U.S. Geological ...

Disposable Bailer

Single-use, disposable samplers have the following advantages are: 1. There is no risk of product from one sample to the next 2. Time spent and vaildating the cleaning of samplers is eliminated 3.