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Satchwell Product Catalogue

Satchwell Controllers & Building Management Systems As a global brand of TAC, Satchwell offers owners and users of commercial and public buildings worldwide reliable, energy-efficient and integrated solutions for controlling the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and related building ...

DS 2.042A DC1100 Energy Controller

INSTALLATION, WIRING AND COMMISSIONING INFORMATION FOR SELF CONFIGURING OPTIMISER/COMPENSATOR WITH BOILER SEQUENCE AND HWS CONTROL INTRODUCTION DC1100 The DC1100 is a stand-alone direct digital controller, which is designed to suit the control needs of smaller commercial and larger domestic ...

Product Selection Guide

Software (cont) PRODUCT SELECTION Satchwell MicroNet Description Type WP-TECH-CD-E-32 Workplace Tech CD-RomConfiguration tool files for L ON M ARK controllers WP-TECH-32 Workplace Tech LicenceSoftware unlock codes and licence Data Sheet - HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS See data sheet for minimum ...

System Overview Rev 19

TAC SATCHWELL SIGMA – SYSTEM OVERVIEW (REV.19) 3 Table of Contents Preface..... 4


Standard Features Basement • 12 course 12-inch block with poured cores • Tuff-N-Dry waterproof with a thirty year warranty • Minimum 36-inch premium stone fill over footer drains • 4-inch concrete floor with vapor barrier • Interior and exterior drain tile system Form-A-Drain Fireplace ...


161 on-off motorized valves db-vz type way connection kvs m³/h max diff. press. bar running time s auxiliary switch open closed db-vz2-10sa 2 g 1/2 2.0 2.0 < 9 < 4

TAC Xenta 913 Comissioning Guide

TAC Xenta, Engineering TAC Xenta 913 1Introduction TAC AB, March 2004 7 (44) 0-004-7898-0 (EN) 1 Introduction This manual describes a particular process.

DS 2.110 CXR

Satchwell TM Satchwell Multi-Lingual Instructions: MLI 2.24 - Mounting Details ROOM RESET CONTROLLER Specification No. 562-5-805 The CXR is used to control room temperature by resetting the supply duct air temperature.

DS 2.001 SVT

Satchwell TM Satchwell Data Sheets Controllers DS 2.021 - CSC Multi-Lingual Instructions MLI 2.001 - Mounting Details 7-DAY OPTIMISER The SVT is a fuel-saving controller which can replace a conventional time switch on a heating system and provides a variable start time dependent on the fall of ...

Mounting bracket UNV-023 for Satchwell globe valves

LED indicator / Assembly NV.. /UNV.. 20 ENG-93001-93625-02.03-3M • Printed in Switzerland • ZSD • Subject to technical changes Assembling the actuator and mounting bracket NV../UNV..