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An Introduction to Satire

Since most satires depend upon a certain awareness in the reader (awareness of events, of literary models being satirized, of irony working in the language), skillful satires tend to require a certain sophistication in the readers or viewers.

Additional Examples of Satire in Pop Culture

Additional Examples of Satire in Pop Culture Subject of the Satire Comment or Criticism Being Made Saturday Night Live 's Weekend Update The Daily Show Television news Identification of human flaws and vices related to politics, entertainment, and current events.

The Poetics of Word and Music in Five Satires (Pictures of ...

Version 2.3 2 July 2006 The Poetics of Word and Music in Five Satires (Pictures of the Past) by Dmitrii Shostakovich (op. 109): Representations through the Prism of Russian Cultural History ∗ Gilbert C. Rappaport University of Texas at Austin grapp@mail.utexas.edu Abstract This paper analyzes ...

CLA 102.001: Comedy and Satire

Satires and Epistles. Persius. Satires. Trans. Niall Rudd. New York: Penguin, 1979. Juvenal. The Sixteen Satires. Trans. Peter Green. New York: Penguin, 2004.

Juvenal, Satire 3

Juvenal's first nine satires are the most powerful and least agreeable—establishing him as probably the most "politically incorrect" Roman poet if not also the most caustic.

Court Satires of the Restoration

UTILE DULCE ([January,] 1681) This shotgun satire may be a joint product of the two men named in the last lines, Viscount Falkland and Jack Howe, or at least of the latter.

Court Satires of the Restoration

SATIRE ([April,] 1682) A spate of Court libels flooded the town in the spring and summer of 1682. On April 20, Lady Campden wrote, "There are sad lampoons


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Satire vs. Parody

But for some literary writings, verse or prose, the attempt to diminish a subject by ridicule is the primary organizing principle, and these works constitute the formal genre labeled "satires."