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SAXOPHONE ANNE POTTER WILSON MUSIC LIBRARY VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY STUDY GUIDE SERIES This study guide is prepared to assist you in locating materials about the saxophone which are available in the Vanderbilt Music Library.


Y-E17 To finger any note, depress the colored keys or levers in the drawing above the note. Where 2 notes are shown, depress the octave key to sound the upper note.

Saxophone Fingering Chart

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Use the octave key also for the four highest notes. SAXOPHONE BASIC FINGERING CHART www.conn-selmer.com. Title: YE17_Saxophonefingeringchart Created Date:

Saxophone History Timeline 1814-1995

Saxophone History Timeline 1814-1995 1814 - Antoine-Joseph (Adolphe) Sax born 6 November, Dinant, Belgium, studies instrument-making with his father, Charles- Joseph (1791-1865) 1834 - Adolphe Sax perfects bass-clarinet 1842 - Arrives in Paris 1842 - 12 June--Sax's close friend Hector Berlioz ...

Vintage Saxophones Revisited

6 July/August 1994 Paul Cohen Vintage Saxophones Revisited I f it is true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then there was a torrid love affair with the saxophone during the post World War I years through the Roaring Twenties.

compiled by Anthony C. Salicandro

2 I. Approaching the Saxophone 1. The saxophone should hang on the neck strap to your right side, not in the middle. 2. Support the instrument with your right thumb, keeping it away from your body slightly.

Saxophone Fingerings Keyboard Visualization

©3/27/2006 by L. Carroll All Rights Reserved Additional charts available at www.fiing-charts.com. David nger b FLAT SIGN Go down one half step (or one key) n NATURAL SIGN Cancels any flat or sharp # SHARP SIGN Go up one half step (or one key) E F F# G G# A ...