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Saxophone Course of Study

Southeastern Louisiana University Department of Music and Dramatic Arts Saxophone Course of Study Richard A. Schwartz Instructor of Saxophone Department of Music and Dramatic Arts SLU 10815 Hammond, LA 70402 Phone: 985-549-5938 Fax: 985-549-2892 e-mail: richard.schwartz@selu.edu

Simple Saxophone Fingering Chart

Simple Saxophone Fingering Chart © 2006 benbogart.com featuring saxophone learning resources and live online private saxophone lessons Fingering Chart Key 06/11/07

Repairing Your Saxophone

34 November/December 1996 Repairing Your Saxophone Emilio L Emilio L Emilio L Emilio L yons yons yons yons yons Fixing Pads & Using A Leak Light Dear Emilio I have just discovered your column in "Saxophone Journal" and think it is great.

Saxophone Altissimo Fingering Chart

Design©2005 Baxter Music Publishing. This document maybe distributed freely for personal and educational use. Please contact ward@wardbaxter. comforpermission for submission in publications.

The Saga of the F Alto Saxophone by Paul Cohen

Sagaof the F Alto 1 The Saga of the F Alto Saxophone by Paul Cohen Available from Classic Saxophone On-Line! (1980) at http://www.classicsax.com The recent fascination and experimentation with the F and C saxophones has sparked a renewed interest in these closely-related yet distant ...

Saxophone – Alto

www.vcaa.vic.edu.au VCE Music Prescribed list of notated solo works: Saxophone - Alto For use from 1 January 2011. Annual updates are published at www.vcaa.vic.edu.au

11 Duets for Saxophone

11 Duets for Saxophone by Matthias Petzold. Intermediate. Offers eleven duets for second and third-year alto and tenor saxophone students with some experience in sight reading in the common keys.

Chromatic Scale Sheet For Saxophone

Saxophone.MUS & œœ # œœ # œ œœ # œœ # œœ # œ œ C C#DD#EFF#GG#AA#BC & œ œœ b œœ b œœ b œ œœ b œœ b œ C B Bb AAbGGbFEEb DDbC &4 4 úú # L1 úú # S1 ú úú # úúú b ú úú b ú S1 ú b ú L1 &4 4 úú b fork ú ú ú b ú R1 úú # R1 ú ú ú # ú fork &4 4 œœ ...

How to Buy A Saxophone B Y R ALPH B

The saxophone is perhaps the most widely heard solo instrument of the wind family in popular and jazz music. It has a singing quality with a rich middle register, com

Understanding Saxophone Transposition

Understanding Saxophone Transposition Saxophones are commonly pitched in Bb and Eb. Piano, flutes, guitars, basses and other stringed instruments sound in "concert pitch."