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MCB 372 PSI BLAST, scalars

2 Psi-Blast Model Model of Psi-Blast: 1. Use results of gapped BlastP query to construct a multiple sequence alignment 2. Construct a position-specific scoring matrix from the alignment 3.

New concepts: scalars, vectors, unit vectors, vector ...

New concepts: scalars, vectors, unit vectors, vector components, vector equations, scalar product reading assignment read chap 3

Vectors and Scalars

www.physics.me.uk Vectors and Scalars. Physical properties are quantified in one of two possible categories: scalars, which have magnitude only (but no direction), vectors, which have magnitude (size) and direction .

Mechanical Ventilation for Dummies Keep It Simple Stupid

Ventilator Management Scalar •CMV •ACV •IMV •SIMV •SIMV + PS •PCV •IRV •PRVC •APRV •CPAP Essentials of Ventilator Graphics © 2000 RespiMedu ControlMode-Scalars (Volume-Targeted Ventilation) ControlMode-Scalars (Volume-Targeted Ventilation) Pressure Pressure Volume Volume Flow Flow Preset Peak Flow Preset ...

3 - Vector Spaces

We call V a vector space (or linear space ) over the field of scalars K provided that there are two operations, vector addition and scalar multiplication, such that for any vectors u, v, and w in V and for any scalars α and β in K: 1.

Mass-Flux Characteristics of Reactive Scalars in the ...

1J ANUARY 1999 37 PETERSENET AL. q1999 American Meteorological Society Mass-Flux Characteristics of Reactive Scalars in the Convective Boundary Layer A RTHUR C. P ETERSEN ,C EES B EETS ,H AN VAN D OP , AND P ETER G. D UYNKERKE Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht, Utrecht ...

Matlab and Vectors

Matlab and Vectors Math 45—Linear Algebra David Arnold David-Arnold@Eureka.redwoods.cc. ca.us Abstract In this exercise you will learn how to enter and edit vectors in Matlab. Operations involving vectors and scalars will be discussed.

Mathematics Course 111: Algebra I Part IV: Vector Spaces

Example. The set of all polynomials with realcoecients is areal vector space, with the usual oper-ationsofaddition of polynomials and multiplication of polynomials by scalars (in which allcoecients of the polynomial are multiplied by the same real number).

SUSY Summary

d=7, N=1 SSYM. Each vector multiplet contains one vector eld, three real scalars and one Diracspinor. R=Sp (1) =SU (2) =SO (3). d=6, N= (1; 1) (AKAN=2) SSYM.

The Process

Scalars and vectors are similar, but not exactly the same kind of measurements. To confuse Gravitron, explain the difference between these two terms?