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Scatter-Site Housing Program

Iris House clients who meet HRA/HASA eligibility requirements can get help in securing & maintaining housing in the community where they can live independently and access necessary services.

Marine Radar Detection Performance Comparison

Radar Detection Comparison © 2007 SSR Engineering, Inc. 5 of 16 Terma Scanter - 25kw with 18ft Antenna (1m² target) Terma Scanter - 25kw with 18ft Antenna (10m² target)

Naval-specialists ready for mission Naval-specialists ready ...

The new SCANTER 4100 is a powerful, coherent, digital radar with pulse compression and MTI capability providing combined air and sea surveillance.

PHOENICE Submarines Radar Systems

In many navies the earlier radar systems from Thomson-CSF like Calypso 61-63, Calypso CIII, C IV as well as the Scanter MIL, Scanter 1024, THOR and SPHINX are still in operation and are a term for reliability.


Performance against piracy System SCANTER 2001 i In development Antenna aperture6 meters3 meters2 meters<1 meter Antenna elevation 100 -250 meters ASL 5-20 meters ASL 5-20 meters ASL 5-20 meters ASL Detection range, RIB or wooden boat 10 -15 nmi 3-6 nmi 3-6 nmi 1-2 nmi Max sea state 4 + 3 + 4 ++ 4 +

Correlation function for Naval Surveillance System

Technical Adaptabilities: Correlator currently supports the following protocols/providers: Terma Scanter Radar ARPA over NMEA0183 AIS over NMEA0183 Extractor interface TCP IP The sources can be: National AIS source International AIS source Terma radar Radar extractor interface • • 1.

AIHA Chesapeake Section – Executive Board Meeting Minutes*

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NDIA National Test & Evaluation Conference

... Lockheed Martin Scanter Radar Port SeaFlir II Stbd SeaFlir II WideEye WideEye FLIR BriteStar / Laser Designator Sea Slice Mast Sensors

Facts and figures.

Radar EOTS Selex SIT 422 CI Ultra Blackgull Terma Scanter 4100 2* Ultra 2500 EOTS FWD AFT Combat Management System CMS Multi Functions Consoles Large Screen Display CMS Equipment Cabinets EOTS Interface Unit WIU AIS Met Sys GYROs GPS LOG Furuno FA 150 AGI AGIMET Sperry Naviknot 450D MX marine MX420 IXSEA Octans Decoy SSM C-802A ...