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Martin P. Schwellnus, MBBCh, MSc (Med), MD, FACSM, FFIMS b, *, NorbertBachl, MD a,c,MalcolmCollins, PhD d,J.Cook, PhD e,K.M.Khan,MD,PhD f, Nicola Maffulli, MD, MS, PhD, FRCS (Orth)

Cyrille Schwellnus Economist

Cyrille Schwellnus Economist Structural Surveillance Division Contact information cyrille.schwellnus@oecd.org Education Ph.D. in Economics, European University Institute, 2005 Diplom-Volkswirt, University of Mannheim, 2001 Professional experience OECD, 2008-present Sciences Po, 2005-2011 CEPII ...

EU Eastern Enlargement 'Conditionality' of Minority ...

7 and Fundamental Freedoms (Council of Europe 1950)" (Schwellnus, 2006:195) However, the demand on collective rights were dropped and not included into the Council of Europe Framework Convention on National Minorities formulated in 1995.

Medical conditions in sport

Page 4 Do athletes with acute EAMC have increased neuromuscular activity?-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10 0 10 % change (60 m i n post vs Im m post) Combined Muscle groups Control EAMC NicolJ, Schwellnus M: ClinJ Sports Med 2003 (in review) Conclusion: Etiology of EAMC • Exercise associated muscle ...

Inge-marie Schwellnus - Navorsing

Psychopathic traits in a group of Basotho students By Inge-marie Schwellnus B.Psych, B Hons (Psychology) This thesis is submitted in accordance with the requirements for the degree Magister Artium (Clinical Psychology) in the Faculty of Humanities Department of Psychology at the University of ...

Exercise Associated Muscle Cramping

Evidence began to accumulate showing EAMC was not directly correlated with dehydration, electrolyte levels, or environmental conditions of either extreme heat or cold (Maughan 1986, Miles & Clarkson 1994, Schwellnus et al 2004, Sulzer et al 2005).


Erdman Schwellnus was sent to Tshakhuma, and he arrived there on 14 May 1874. Rev. Schwellnus was well received at Tshakhuma, and the chief encouraged his


HOLTZHAUSEN, L.J., SCHWELLNUS, M.P., JAKOET, I., AND PRETORIUS, A.L. The incidence and nature of injuries in South African rugby players in the rugby Super 12 competition.

The Adoption, Implementation and Sustainability of Minority ...

Schwellnus, Guido (2006b): 'Reasons for constitutionalization: non-discrimination, minority rights and social rights in the Convention on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights'.

Scientifi c Programme

- the mechanisms of fatigue and overtraining • Panel : Review of case and learning objectives Session 6 Protecting health and preventing illness in athletes Chair: Martin Schwellnus MD PhD • Martin Schwellnus ( South Africa ): Introduction and three cases illustrating key issues - Small-group discussions ...