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... Vaccinium 'Polaris' Boxelder, Flamingo Negundo aceroides 'Flamingo Boxwood, Green Mountain Buxus 'Green Mountain' Boxwood, Green Velvet Buxus x 'Green Velvet' Boxwood, Julia Jane Buxus 'Julia Jane' Boxwood, Winter Gem Buxus 'Winter Gem' Broom, Lena Cytissus x 'Lena' Broom, Moonlight Scotch Cytissus scoparius ...

Genetic Phenomena of Conservation Concern in American Ginseng

Case Study II •Montalvoand Ellstrand 2000 •"Home site advantage" hypothesis •Seedlings from 12 sites-Mesiccommon garden-Xeric common garden •Non-local genotypes = ↓survival & ↓fitness Lotus scoparius Lotus scoparius

1Bjorge et al.

2Bjorge et al. 2 A BSTRACT Scotch broom ( Cytisus scoparius ) is an invasive species on glacial outwash prairies of Western Washington, and ongoing attempts to restore prairies to their natural state are hindered by its rapid spreading habits.

Understanding and managing the weed Scotch Broom

A bright sign of spring, Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) reminds us of its invasive presence each year as many acres of forests, pastures, and rights-of-way burst into golden bloom.

Factors affecting invasion and persistence of broom

Journal of Applied Ecology 2002 39, 721-734 © 2002 British Ecological Society Factors affecting invasion and persistence of broom Cytisus scoparius in Australia ANDREW W. SHEPPARD*, PETER HODGE†, QUENTIN PAYNTER‡ and MARK REES§ * CSIRO Entomology/CRC Weed Management Systems, GPO Box 1700 ...

Broom Fact Sheet

388 Main South Road Paroa PO Box 66 Greymouth 7840 Freephone 0508 800 118 Phone 03 768 0466 info@wcrc.govt.nz www.wcrc.govt.nz Broom Cytisus scoparius Boundary Control Plant under the West Coast Regional Pest Plant Management Strategy Where has Broom come from?

Scotch Broom

Scotch B room • Cytisus scoparius • Synonyms - Scots broom Legal Status 3 *Invasive Plants Regulation, Forest and Range Practices Act Distribution Currently distributed on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of North America.


Keywords: weed, seed dispersal, Pinus contorta , Berberis darwinii , Cytisus scoparius . INTRODUCTION Three major groups of invasive woody weeds in New Zealand show different dispersal mechanisms.

The insect fauna of broom, Cytisus sco#arius, in New Zealand

New Zealand Entomologist, 1993, Vol. 16 The insect fauna of broom, Cytisus sco#arius, in New Zealand PAULINE SYRETT Landcare Research, P.O. Box 69, Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand ABSTRACT The above-ground fauna of broom, Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link, was sampled for 1 complete season (1982-3 ...

Medical/Herbal Contraindications 1.0

Pilocarpine and other muscarinics Scoparius (Cytisus Scoparius, Broom Tops) Cytisine, sparteine (simultaneous Hypo-Hypertensives) Veratrum (Green, False or American Hellebore) Cardiac depressant PREGNANCY: MISCELLANEOUS WIERDNESS Aconitum carmichaeli (CURED) (Fu-tse, Fo-tzu) Peculiar adrenergic, wrong in ...