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scratch: Programming for all

60 communications of the acm | november 2009 | vol. 52 | no. 11 contributed articles discussing, and remixing one another's projects. Scratch has been called "the YouTube of interactive media."

Scratch: Programming for Everyone

Scratch: Programming for Everyone Mitchel Resnick, John Maloney, Andrés Monroy Hernández, Natalie Rusk, Evelyn Eastmond, Karen Brennan, Amon Millner, Eric Rosenbaum, Jay Silver, Brian Silverman, Yasmin Kafai Accepted for publication in Communications of the ACM (CACM) When Moshe Vardi, Editor ...

Scratch , a new graphical programming

Most people view computer programming as a tedious, specialized activity, accessible only to those with advanced technical training. And, indeed, traditional programming languages like Java and C++ are very difficult for most people to learn.

Scratch Tutorial

Scratch Tutorial When you use Scratch, you will see a screen that looks like this: There are three basic parts of the screen: the Button Screen, the Code Screen, and the Stage.

Scratch Video Tutorial

Scratch Video Tutorial Design Brief for MAS 712 with Mitch Resnick, Spring '05 By Jay Silver I made a video tutorial to catapult people into the world of Scratch.

Nanoindentation, Scratch, and Elevated Temperature Testing of ...

Nanoindentation, Scratch, and Elevated Temperature Testing of Cellulose and PMMA Films Application Note Introduction As plastics and plastic composites are placed into service in more demanding applications, surface modifi cations are performed to enhance the durability and increase service life.


1 SCRATCH BUILDING A MODEL SHIP CHAPTER 1: GETTING STARTED Introduction Scratch building a model ship is not as difficult as it appears. You've probably built several models from kits, so you already possess many of the skills required for scratch building.

"Minerals that do things…"

"Minerals that do things…" Hands-on demonstrations of mineral properties Provided for the Mineral Information Institute by Andrew A. Sicree, Ph.D. Scratch & Sniff Minerals Object: Object: Students will experience minerals and rocks via their sense of smell .

Scratch: A Sneak Preview

Scratch: A Sneak Preview John Maloney Leo Burd Yasmin Kafai MIT Media Laboratory MIT Media Laboratory UCLA jmaloney@media.mit.edu leoburd@media.mit.edu kafai@gseis.ucla.edus Natalie Rusk Brian Silverman Mitchel Resnick MIT Media Laboratory MIT Media Laboratory MIT Media Laboratory nrusk@media ...

Cat Scratch Fever

Center for Food Security and Public Health College of Veterinary Medicine Iowa State University Ames, Iowa 50011 Phone: (515) 294-7189 FAX: (515) 294-8259 E-mail: cfsph@iastate.edu Web: http://www.cfsph.iastate.edu © 2005 page 1 of 5 Institute for International Cooperation in Animal Biologics ...