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Flora of China 5: 227-231. 2003.

Flora of China 5: 227-231. 2003. 6. SCURRULA Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1: 110. 1753. 梨果寄生属 li guo ji sheng shu Shrubs parasitic, base often with epicortical roots, most young parts usually with dense stellate and sometimes also verticillate hairs.

Flavonols from Scurrulaferruginea Danser ( Loranthaceae )

In Indonesia, Scurrula sp. (syn. Loranthus sp.) are one of the five components of Benalu Teh " used asaninfu-sioninfatigueand in cancer pathologies.

Parasitic Plants Newsletter

(The data suggests that extracts of L. ferrugineus (= Scurrula ferruginea ?) contain some biologically active substances perhaps polyphenolics that produce a significant blood pressure lowering effect which may explain its use in the management of hypertension.Amico, G.C. and Nickrent, D.L. 2009.


Some species, including Macrosolen cochinchinensis , Scurrula parasitica , and several species of Taxillus , are used medicinally. Some species, particularly Scurrula parasitica and related species, can be troublesome parasites of fruit trees and other cultivated woody plants.

Traditional knowledge of Nyishi ( Daffla ) tribe of Arunachal ...

Scurrula parasitica L. (Loranthaceae), Nyishi: Tacha Uses: Fruits are eaten by birds. Sesamum indicum L. (Pedaliaceae), Nyishi: Tanam Uses: Seeds ground and mixed with vegetable is taken as food.

Indigenous use of mistletoes in tropical and temperate region ...

Dendrophthoe falcata, Scurrula elata, S. pulverulenta and Viscum articulatum were used in Bardia district. The use of Helixanthera ligustrina, Loranthus odoratus, Scurrula elata, S. parasitica, S.


ABSTRACT MUHAMAD SAMSI. The Tea Parasite ( Scurrula oortiana ) Extract as Immunomodulator and Antitumor on the Infection of Marek's Disease Virus (MDV) Serotype 1 Oncogenic in Chicken.

The Formation of Latin Diminutives of Nouns and Adjectives

Primitive Diminutive Declension Stem Vowel Word Gender Word Gender Declines Like First-*-puella Feminine puellula Feminine puella First-*-scurra Masculine scurrula Masculine scurra First-*-tenebrae Feminine tenebellae Feminine tenebrae [plural] First-*-tenera Feminine tenella Feminine tenera Second-o-tener Masculine ...


Dendrophthoe pentandra (L.) Miq. • +** * Helixanthera *#** **\***+** $ Helixanthera cylindrica (Jack) Danser **\***** Helixanthera parasitica Lour. • +*** Scurrula *#** **\***** (** Scurrula gracilifolia (Schult.)


Studi kimia tanaman benalu teh Scurrula spp. Pusat Penelitian Biotekonologi-LIPI. Simonsen M. 1987. The MHC of the Chicken, Genomic Structure, Gene Products, and Resistance to Oncogenic DNA and RNA Viruses.