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Why Seal Concrete

In the case of Exposed Aggregate Concrete, sealing with a top-coating sealer helps prevent the stones from loosening by forming a barrier between the aggregate and the elements.

V - SEAL ® 102 Penetrating Sealer Commercial Grade Concret e ...

V - SEAL ® 102 Penetrating Sealer Commercial Grade Concret e Cure + Sealer PRODUCT INFORMATION Revised 08.09 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDED USES V - SEAL 1 02 is a penetrating proprietary c ...

CEMENTONE® Clear Sealer

CEMENTONE ® Clear Sealer A waterborne, low VOC, environmentally sound, clear sealer for protecting multicolored, colored or uncolored concrete and cementitious toppings.

COLORCURE® Concrete Sealer

COLORCURE ® Concrete Sealer A color-matched, low VOC, environmentally sound, two-component curing and sealing system for freshly placed concrete flatwork, and an effective sealer for maintaining colored or uncolored concrete floors.

• Durable Waterproofing Finish Fading • Mildew Resistant

Waterproofing Wood Finish • Durable Waterproofing Finish • UV Protection Against Fading • Mildew Resistant Finish IMPORTANT!


1. Product Name QUIKRETEª Concrete Sealer #8800 2. Manufacturer The QUIKRETE Companies One Securities Centre 3490 Piedmont Rd., NE, Suite 1300 Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 634-9100 Fax: (404) 842-1424 www.quikrete.com 3.

Salt Protection & Dust Proofer - Hardener, Sealer, Densifier

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Pentra-Sil® (244+) Salt Protection & Dust Proofer - Hardener, Sealer, Densifier is a clear, odorless V.O.C. compliant, water-based, environmentally safe-to-use salt protectant and dust proofer that hardens, seals, and densifies concrete and masonry surfaces.

DuPont™ StoneTech

TRANSFORM CLEAN PROTECT 36 Return to Table of Contents DuPont ™ StoneTech ® Professional heavy Duty Sealer TEChNICAl DATA ShEET PRODUCT BENEfITS •*Heavy*duty*protection*against*most* stains •*Advanced*penetrating*microbond* protection •*Preserves*natural*look •*Interior*and*exterior ...


FOXFIRE P-1007 SEALER CHEMICAL HARDENER, DENSIFIER, SOLUBLE CHLORIDE REDUCER, CURE AND SEAL BENEFITS ● Blocks and reduces vapor emissions through concrete but leaves concrete breathable


EAGLE CONCRETE SEALER PRODUCT GUIDE. Benefits. EAGLE PREMIUM COAT protects and beautifies exposed aggregate concrete. It is a solvent based sealer that leaves a protective high gloss film.