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The Constitutional Right of Secession in Political Theory and ...

Journal of Libertarian Studies Volume 17, no. 4 (Fall 2003), pp. 39-100 ©2004 Ludwig von Mises Institute www.mises.org 39 T HE C ONSTITUTIONAL R IGHT OF S ECESSION IN P OLITICAL T HEORY AND H ISTORY Andrei Kreptul * Following the fall of communism in Eastern Europe in the early 1990s, smaller ...

State v. Secession

2 Court of Appeals of Ohio, Ninth Judicial District being released from prison, Secession saw Wilson at a gasoline station in May, 2007, and threatened to blow up her house.

Texas Secession Facts

Texas Secede! For an independent Texas Republic www.TexasSecede. org Texas Secession Facts Q: Doesn't the Texas Constitution reserve the right of Texas to secede?

Secession in North Carolina—A Lesson Plan

Secession in North Carolina—A Lesson Plan General Overview Following the election of Abraham Lincoln in November 1860, the states of the lower South seceded from the Union.


SECESSION IN AMERICA By Donnie Kennedy A Northern View The secession of a state from the Union depends on the will of the people of that state. The people alone…hold the power to alter their constitution. 1 William Rawle Secession, poke salad, and crackling bread, in modern America are viewed ...

peAce BrIeF

Secession and Precedent in Sudan and Africa page 3 • PB 68 • November 17, 2010 Furthermore, for any secession movement to stand a chance of success it requires significant international support.

Why did Texas Secede from the Union in 1861?

Assign students to read "A Declaration of the Causes which Impel the State of Texas to Secede from the Federal Union," February 2, 1861, and look for the reasons given by Texans for their secession in 1861.


Theorists display varying degrees of enthusiasm in their advocacy of such a right, but all of them, whether they would permit secession generously or only reluctantly after certain conditions have been fulfilled, see secession as an answer to problems of ethnic conflict and violence.


Table of Contents Introduction: Understanding Secession 2 Part One: The Theory of Secession Chapter Two: The Positive Theory of Secession 20 Chapter Three: The Normative Theory of Secession 61 Part Two: The Causes of Secessionism Chapter Four: Explaining the Causes of Secessionism Worldwide 95 ...

Secession from the Union, 1860-61: The Causes and Rationale ...

1 Secession from the Union, 1860-61: The Causes and Rationale By John E. Semonche Restive Southerners had questioned their future within the Union well before the election of the Republican Abraham Lincoln in 1860, but the interests of that section of the country were generally well protected by ...