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Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks

Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks •Deposited at the earth's surface by wind, water, glacier ice, or biochemical processes •Typically deposited in strata (layers) under cool surface conditions.

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9/10/2009 1 Sedimentary Rocks •Importance of Study :-Most form on the continents, and therefore contain important clues to the history of the continents and Earth's climate-Contain important clues to the history of life-Contain important and valuable natural resource deposits (oil, natural gas ...

Use the information provided and the "National Dinosaur ...

Sedimentary rocks are laid down in order, so that the oldest rock layer is usually found at the bottom of the sequence and the younger layers at the top.

O. Catuneanua, , M.A. Martins-Netob, P.G. Erikssonc

However, where sedimentary facies are well preserved, the lack of time control maybe partially compensated by a good knowledge of facies architecture and relationships, as well as bypaleocurrent data.


inside: the sedimentary record of mars plus: president’s comments sepm publications online & coming soon next sepm research conference

Sedimentation from Jets: A Depositional Model for Clastic ...

sedimentary bodies presented by this group of ExxonMobil researchers under the leadership of John C. Van Wagoner. General Statement Sedimentary geologists typically employ depositional models in order to predict

Sedimentary Petrology Syllabus

1/6/09 3:25 PM Sedimentary Petrology Syllabus Page 1 of 3 http://www.uwosh.edu/faculty_staff/hiatt/Teaching/315/315_Syllabus.html Geology 315: Sedimentary Petrology Spring 2009 (1 Credit) Instructor: Eric Hiatt Office: Harrington Hall 310 E-mail: hiatt@uwosh.edu Phone: (920) 424-7001 Web site ...

Section 3.3 Sedimentary Rocks

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8.0 Chemical-sedimentary deposits Chemical sedimentary deposits in Afghanistan include both metallic and industrial mineral types. Metallic deposits are represented by iron deposits (section 8.1) and occurrences and sparse sedimentary manganese deposits (section 8.2).

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Sedimentary rocks form at or near the Earth's _____ 5. The most noticeable feature of sedimentary rock is often its layers, or _____ COMPOSITION OF SEDIMENTARY ROCK 6.