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2010 Income Disclosure

2010 Income Disclosure SendOutCards Compensation Plan The SendOutCards compensation plan allows you to determine your own income through your business activities.

SendOutCards.com Compensation Plan Details

SendOutCards Compensation Plan Details Page 1 1/3/2011 SendOutCards.com. Compensation Plan Details. 8 exciting ways to earn: (Note: All amounts stated are in U.S. Dollars for both purchase prices and commissions issued to participating distributors.

SendOutCards Plans and Pricing

SendOutCards Plans and Pricing SendOutCards gives you "3 Ways to Become a Sender of Cards" in the plans described below. To send cards you need a combination of points plus a cash account for postage and gift expenses.

SendOutCards - Entrepreneur Quick-Start Action Plan

1. What to do ASAP a) Sign Into Your Account Go to www.sendoutcards.com Click on Login in the top right hand corner. Your Username is your Distributor number.

SendOutCards Training

1 SendOutCards Training By Phillip Wells There are two basic areas to learn with SOC (SendOutCards). 1) How to use the SOC system to send cards 2) How to build a successful SendOutCards income We have a short online video that will teach you how to use the SOC system to send cards.

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SENDOUTCARDS BASIC TRAINING Important Information Every . Independent Distributor Should Know In order to help you understand and adhere to SendOutCard’s Policies and Procedures, and to help you present the SendOutCards Business Opportunity fairly and accurately to your prospects, we have compiled ...

Send Out Cards

One M.A.P. point is awarded based on every 3,750 Qualified Production Credits (QPCs) produced which is less than the average size annuity application industry wide.

Referral Quotes

David Frey, having tested and implemented just about every "referral system" you can imagine, believes that the SendOutCards system is "the most powerful referral system ever developed" and fully indorses it.

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Go to www.SendOutCards.com, hit the JOIN button at the top right corner of the website. Then enter this ID - 20706 . Choose the $398 Entrepreneur package.