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The Primacy of Politics in Separatism

The Primacy of Politics in Separatist Dynamics Katharine Boyle, Cornell University ( keb59@cornell.edu ) Pierre Englebert, Pomona College ( penglebert@pomona.edu ) What triggers separatist activism and violence?

Separatist Movements

Separatist Movements SHOULD NATIONS HAVE A RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION? W hen Kosovo declared its independence on Feb. 17, thousands of angry Serbs took to the streets to protest the breakaway region's secession from Serbia.

Integrationists and Separatists

• muslim_program.htm Other separatist impulses • SNCC (Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee). Integrationist, mixed-race in early 1960s, becomes separatist in late 1960s

Separatist Wars, Partition, and World Order

Separatist Wars, Partition, and World Order JamesD. Fearon Department of Political Science Stanford University email: jfearon@stanford.edu May 21,2004 Forthcoming in Security Studies An earlier version of this paper was presented at the conference, "Ethno-National Conflicts: Solutions and ...

Ethnic Separatism in Southern Thailand:

In reaction, an armed separatist movement emerged in the early 1960s that campaigned for a separate homeland for Malay-Muslims. By the late 1980s, however, the Thai authorities had essentially defeated the separatist insurgency in the south through a combination of improved governance, economic ...

HDR 2005: Horizontal Inequalities, Ethnic Separatism, and ...

Intuitively, the separatist potential of any given region is clearly the product of a number of intertwining factors. Geographical position within the existing 'parent' state is obviously one important factor; separatist regions are more often than not on the geographic periphery of the parent state.

Violent Separatism in Xinjiang: A Critical Assessment

A steady flow of reports from the international media—as well as official PRC releases (a document on "East Turkistan" terrorism, a white paper on Xinjiang, and a list of terrorist groups)—have given the impression of an imminent separatist and terrorist crisis in the Xinjiang region.

Jason K. Lee, The Theology of John Smyth: Puritan, Separatist ...

Jason K. Lee, The Theology of John Smyth: Puritan, Separatist, Baptist, Anabaptist , Mercer University Press, 2003, pp. 310. Reviewed by Aaron D. Weaver.

Mobilizing ethnic confl ict: Kurdish separatism in Germany ...

The Kurdish separatist movement presents a prime example of the diffusion of contention as hunger strikes, protest marches, and terrorist bombings in Germany indicate there is a mobilized Kurdish separatist movement outside of Turkey.

Race, Racism, and  Ethics

Hinman 17 Three Types of Models of e Ideal Society  ■ Separatist Models-Involuntary-Voluntary: sts on identity rgument  ■ Assimilationist Models-Make ace rrelevant-Often presumes ssimilation he in ant culture  ■ Pluralistic Models-Many, partially verlapping circles