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The Dawn of the Sephardic Revival:

1 The Dawn of the Sephardic Revival: The Birth of the International Federation of Messianic Jews By Rabbi Haim Levi Prologue In order to understand the significance of today's Sephardic revival, one must understand ancient history and the unfulfilled prophecy of Obadiah.

The Term Sephardic Jew

The Term Sephardic Jew by Sarina Roffé NYCuedSpC@aol.com Sarina Roffé is a career journalist and the author of Branching Out: The Kassin and Labaton Dynasties .

SEPHARDIC JEWISH FIL M FESTIVAL - at the Center for Jewish ...

The First International Sephardic Film Festival was held in New York in February 1990. Its goal: “to illuminate the scope of the Sephardic experience; to raise the

TIMELINE Sephardic Jewish History - Iberian Peninsula

TIMELINE Sephardic Jewish History - Iberian Peninsula 613 Third Toledan Council under King Sisebut ordered the forced conversion of Jews; as many as 90,000 were converted.

Introduction to Sephardic and MizrachiLiturgical Music

1 Dr. Mark Kligman- School of Sacred Music 1 Sephardic and MizrachiLiturgical Music Dr. Mark Kligman- School of Sacred Music 1 Sephardic and MizrachiLiturgical Music Dr. Mark Kligman Professor of Jewish Musicology School of Sacred Music, HUC-JIR/New York Introduction to Sephardic and ...


3 SEPHARDIC CAREER SERVICES (SCS) Dear SCS Client, We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Sephardic Career Services. Our dedicated staff and job placement counselors are here to help you in your search for the perfect job.

Sephardic Surnames Reference List

International Federation of Messianic Jews. Visit us at http: //www. ifmj. org. Sephardic Surnames Reference List As of June 5, 2005, there are 5,220 names on the list.

Priority Research Areas for Jewish Genealogy in the Sephardi ...

Sephardic genealogy is still today in its infancy compared to its older sibling Ashkenazi genealogy and yet its potential for genealogists is much greater for two primary reasons: the

Sephardic Singles Meet for a Weekend of Fun in the Sun

A fter four months of meticulous planning and promoting by Sephardic National Alliance and SephardicDating. com, the International Sephardic Shabbaton in Miami Beach, FL finally took place.

Ben-Gurion's Passover by Rabbi Daniel Bouskila

El Shofar Passover 2008 Page 1 A publication of Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel Passover 2008 | Pesach 5768 I n 1947, standing before the U.N. Commission on the Partition of Palestine, David Ben-Gurion spoke these words: "Three hundred years ago a ship called the Mayfl ower set sail to the New ...