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Diseases of the Urinary Tract Nara VAEUSORN, Walailak ...

INTRODUCTION Advanced technology has a great influence upon the methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients. The roles of CT, US, and MR imaging for


Figure 1. A case of congenital syringomyelia, MRI T1 images showing a longitudinal multisegmental continuous syringomyelic cavity involving the whole of the cervical spinal cord and extending to the upper dorsal segments with complete absence of transverse band and septations (Type I ...

The ultrasound detection of chromosomal anomalies1

Observe not only the large cysts, but also to the large septations that separate the cysts. Those septations help differentiate the condition from cephaloceles.

How to manage an adnexal mass

US fi ndings that suggest a malignant process are: • solid component, not hyperechoic; usually nodular or papillary • thick septations (2-3 mm) • bilaterality • positive fl ow to the solid component of the mass • ascites. 5 If a pregnant patient requires furt her evaluation for an adnexal mass ...

American College of Radiology ACR Appropriateness Criteria

the wall thickness, internal septations, mural nodules, and the echogenicity of cystic and complex ovarian masses. TVS has increased the specificity for diagnosing ovarian

Clinics in Diagnostic Imaging (89)

Singapore Med J 2003 Vol 44(9) : 491-495 Medical Education Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Organ Imaging Prince of Wales Hospital Hong Kong SAR China W H Ng, FRCR Medical Officer Department of Radiology North District Hospital A S C Ching, FRCR Senior Medical Officer W T Fung, FRCR Senior ...

The CTAppearance of Thyroglossal Duct Carcinoma

Unenhanced CT at the level of the thyroid gland reveals a complex cystic mass (white arrows) with septations, a mural nodule (n), and calcifications (black arrow).


MUCINOUS CYSTADENOMA OF THE OVARY— BLADTet al. 119 Work-up Ultrasonography of the abdomen (Fig. 1A) shows a huge intra-abdominal cystic mass, with extension from lower to upper abdomen, presenting with some thin internal septations.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

STAGE III:  Presence of large, complex masses within one or both adnexae.  Indistinct walls surrounding the mass.  Internal septations.  Complex internal echo patterns.

The Endolymphatic Duct and Sac

The Endolymphatic Duct and Sac WilliamW. M. Lo, David L. Daniels, Donald W. Chakeres, Fred H. Linthicum, Jr, John L. Ulmer, Leighton P. Mark, andJoelD.